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Rise this fri 7/6 - Akufen - Microhouse pioneer and montreal Legend


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I'm new here which is suprising as a promoter but most of my events have been at non-convential loft venues that we couldn't be very "public" about.

Hope this resonates with some of you. It's going to be a fantastic and very different kind of night musically at Rise.


This Friday July 6

Party Till Dawn with

Montreal's micro-house pioneer

Akufen (Musique Risquée)

Presented by RobotLoveSongs and Rise After-Hours

Opening Upstairs:

Jon Schmidt (RobotLoveSongs / Archipel, NYC)

Downstairs Lounge:

Todd Gys (zer0gsounds, unlockedgroove, Boston)

Soul Sista (montreal)

Damien Cuvelier (RobotLoveSongs, Boston)

RSVP or Pass Required for Entry

Rise After-Hours

306 Stuart Street

18+, 1:30am - 6:30am

Members: $10

Guests: $20

IMPORTANT NOTE: You absolutely must have a physical invite or RSVP to bleep@robotlovesongs.com with first and last for each guest to get on the entry list. There is no maximum and we will keep this open from now through the evening of the party. Rise is members only which fits with our philosphy that good dance music culture is an intimate affair best shared with like-minded people who really want to be there

About our Guest

Akufen's DJ sets, like his music, can range from challenging experimental or detroit techno to a chicago-esque house template filled in with sounds from the glitch aesthetic (now lumped in with minimal) once called micro-house, a genre he essentially defined with his sound and production techniques for records released on some of our most respected European labels. Early in the 2000's Akufen helped put Montreal's techno scene on the world-wide techno radar along with the Mutek Festival. The emotional reaction stemming from capable push-pull juxtaposition of light hearted house moods and darker complex techno sounds is uncommon among techno DJ sets and is why Akufen is particularly well suited for an extreme fun all-nighter at Rise.

DOWNLOAD a mix - Akufen DJ set at Flex, Vienna - 17.10.2006


Download RAR format de- compression utility


More Info

Excellent Bio / Interview for his 2004 Fabric London Mix Series CD

Musique-risquee.com - Akufen's record label for Montreal based artists & friends


Biography by Andy Kellman for All Music / iTunes

Since 1999, Akufen (Montreal's Marc Leclair) has been amassing a thick stockpile of 12" releases for labels like Perlon, Background, Traum, Oral, Trapez, and Force Inc. With influences ranging from Bootsy to Mancini to Moroder to Reich, Leclair's productions veer from challenging experimental techno to pop- oriented micro-house. For most of the tracks on 2002's My Way, his first full-length album for Force Inc., Leclair employed a technique he referred to as "microsampling." Leclair would spend hours of each morning recording material from AM/FM dials and a shortwave, and he would then use those recordings as fodder for his productions, splicing seconds into minute fragments (consisting of voices, song snips, acoustic guitar flicks, and all sorts of unidentifiable moments) and applying them to danceable, hook-heavy house tracks. The anticipation for the album was increased significantly by a limited release of the album's feature cut, "Deck the House," a dazzling crazy-quilt of short-attention-span house dementia. Leclair has also recorded as Anna Kaufen and Nekufa.

Opening Upstairs:

Jon Schmidt (RobotLoveSongs / Archipel, NYC) - RLS Brief Bio

DOWNLOAD Jon's promo mix made for Eli Wilkie's and Steve Porter's Sirius Radio Show


Downstairs Lounge

Todd Gys (zer0gsounds , unlockedgroove, Boston)

Soul Sista (montreal) - www.myspace.com/soulsista_music

Damien Cuvelier (RobotLoveSongs, Boston) - RLS Brief Bio

Rise Club www.riseclub.us



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