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House music stronger than ever in Vegas?

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I see what you're saying but America is not Ibiza. In Europe house music is much more popular and is actually played on the radio there. Here it gets very little radio airplay. Hence why we're bombarded with the all the lame hip-hop that's on the radio now and being played in the clubs. Hopefully with satellite and internet radio, Ipod, etc gaining ground everyday, terrestial radio will go the way of the dinosaur.

Point taken, absolutely right, but I think what he is trying to say is simply that the same effect might work here being that Hip Hop is the ruler and a venue playing strictly house would get attention because they are the only ones doing it. Just like a Hip Hop venue gets attention in a place where House is the ruling format. Savvy?

For the record, The Downtown Lounge does not charge cover. It is a very dedicated lounge to locals and just simply those who love good house music. You don't have to buy bottles there to get a table and drinks are reasonably priced.

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Las Vegas....

does have a little bit of house going on. On thursday at Red Room Saloon on Decatur by the 15 has house music on Thursday, Friday at Downtown Cocktail Room my friend and I spin downtempo and house music from 5:30-10:30 and then Carlos Sanchez plays house the rest of the night.

As for a bigger house music party in Vegas here it is.. Saturday November 8th it starts and the will be every saturday at 10pm. We will be bringing headliners as long as we get the support of house music lovers in Vegas. With 2 million people here there has to be some house heads! My myspace is www.myspace.com/andyjohnsondj for more info



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