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clubs in downtown Vancouver

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Ok, the only decent "legal" club in vancouver is Lotus, on Fridays. It's like a glamorous version of Vinyl, in NY (My friends in NY agree with me). Don't even think about anywhere else, it can be HORRIBLE, secretaries dancing in circles, jocks popping veins, etc . Then, go to an after-hours - you'll get fliers stuffed in your face after you leave Lotus, some are great, some suck, there's not really anyway to figure it out, just go & leave quickly if you hate it. A reliable one is the World (or Sublime, or whatever they decide to call it in Aug), it's on Granville street beside the Aldo shoe outlet store. Sometimes, there's this incredibly happy friendly funky vibe there - totally unknown DJ's busting their asses to get you up - other times its kind of crappy. Open Fri. & Sat. Avoid "raves" in Richmond, they are for stupid teenagers who don't care about shitty E and losing money. There are places on Hastings Str. which can be good, but watch the area - it's in Canada's only official ghetto, there are like crazed junkies everywhere, and don't buy anything around there. Have fun.


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