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Calling all spangled clubbers!

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I have a couple of friends based in New York and North Carolina but they tend to only tell me about the hip hop club scene in America. I hope to be coming across to those blissful American shores very soon and was wondering if anybody could tell me anything about the rave scene over the pond.

I am also a writer and hope to write something detailing the differences in clubbing across the globe. I recently went to Egypt (to a party by the pyramids) and was completely stunned by the atmosphere over there. They are absolutely nutty over there! If anyone has had similar or dissimilar experiences please don't hesitate to contact me!

[email protected]

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Party scene in NYC is very happening. You have places like Twilo, Sound Factory, Tunnel (well its gone downhill now). Friday nights you can pretty much go clubbing till 8 or 10am, and Sat/Sun you can go till about 2 or 3 pm Sunday. What sort of info are you looking for?


Music saved my soul!

Thank GAWD for Twilo!

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