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Where to go in Las Vegas on New Years Eve?????

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I am from nyc and i am looking for the best parties to go in las vegas new years weekend. I am into progressive house and hard house and shit like they play at sound factory and exit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Ian

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Bro, expect to pay $$$$$$$

Baby's is $150 (per person)just to walk in the door. $1000 for a booth.

Utopia is slated to reopen the day before NYE, I hear that the Grand Opening/NYE party is somewhere in the neighborhood of $100-$200 per person. Should be sweet though!

All the other clubs.... bad music, bad attitudes, just plain-ol bad!

Baby's or Utopia is your best bet.

FUCK Drai's!!!!!!!!!

Have a great time.



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Just curious as to why you dislike Drei's?

I go there every SAT night when I go to Vegas about once a month, and it is the only place to be for afterhours...Notice at the Hard Rock when everyone is gone by 2-3 AM, cause they all go to either SRO or Drei's.

And for Progressive/Hard House you cant beat either SRO or Drei's...Though Utopia was tight too, and should be again once they reopen....But dont go to the Hard Rock (Baby's) if you are looking for that type of house....They play alot of Trance and that soft/mellow type house....Dont take me wrong, I go to Baby's on SAT night before I hit up Drei's or SRO, but once they open (now open around 1AM -2AM, its later Baby's and off to the places that will really get you pumpin....

Thats just my opinion, but I was giving it based on your recomendation for progressive/hard house clubs.....But he was right, expect to pay BANK!!!! Hell I have been saving up for the past month just to beable to go to Vegas for the New Year......


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