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Scott Cooper "Waking up the Town EP" - Out now Potty Mouth!

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Scott Cooper "Waking up the Town EP" - Out now Potty Mouth!



Tracks: Crank It (w/ Edu K ft Lella), Understand, If I Don't

Remix by: Trevor Lovers (Crank It), Scott Cooper (Crank It Dub)



Available for purchase at:


www.beatport.com - Exclusive for first 4 weeks from 02/17/09 til 03/17/09








View video previews at:

"Crank It" (Original Mix):

"Crank It" (Trevor Loveys Remix):

"Understand" (Original Mix):

"If I Dont" (Original Mix):


SCOTT COOPER (England) Potty Mouth Music


Scott Cooper blends jackin electronic house with eclectic influences of hip-house, ragga and dancehall. His diverse spin on the underground sound has made him a less predictable—but always rowdy—addition to the Potty Mouth Music roster.

Cooper channeled his classically trained guitar skills into electronic music, taking early influence from Sasha, Lee Burridge, Craig Richards and the breaks of DJ Hyper. London-based DJ Jon Carter further influenced his production with a fusion of ragga vocals and old-school samples with house music and broken beats. His diversity would become the cannon for a sound he would develop at Nottingham’s prestigious Confetti Studios.

In the past 10 years, Cooper has honed his skills on the decks and in the studio, collaborating with artists such as Jak Z, and Balie funk MC Edu-K. Cooper’s breakthrough “Hanging with Mr. Cooper EP†released in early 2008 on Lee Mortimer’s Wearhouse Music showcased his signature mix of electro, dancehall and breaks. The artist takes these influences even further with his forthcoming “Natty Jack EP,†on Wearhouse, which includes remixes by Potty Mouth Music artists HiJack and Heavy Feet.

“I’d describe my style as all-embracing in the way that I like to get a lot of different sounds and make sense of them in both my productions and my DJ sets,†Cooper says. The self-proclaimed serial collaborator of late still finds time to work with other artists while also making time to tweak his own twisted sound.

On the DJing front, forthcoming gigs see Cooper, 27, touring Canada, Europe and The States, along with an annual outing to Ibiza. He has held a previous residency at Digital in Lincoln and is a current resident of the monthly Moda event which Potty mouth's Andy George runs along with fellow Lincoln based DJs Jaymo and Ingo Staar.

Cooper has collaborated with George for their latest EP, “The Cooper and George EP†due for release in July 2008.


01. Scott Cooper / If I don't / Original / Potty Mouth Music

02. Killa Queenz / Bitches / Zombie Disco Squad / Sweat It Out

03. Riva Starr / Snatch / Original / Made to Play

04. Stama / Drunky Kitty / Scott Cooper / Erase Records

05. Jan Driver / Rat Alert / Original / Made To Play

06. Xpress 2 / London Xpress / Idiotproof / Skint Records

07. Jesse Rose / Touch My Horn / Original / Dubsided

08. Natty Jack / Jackin Da Garage / Hijack/ Wearhouse

09. Santiago & Bushido / Can't be Wrong / Original / Potty Mouth Music

10. Scott Cooper / Understand / Original / Potty Mouth Music


PMM-020 - "FRESH & BOUNCY EP" - February 2009

Original tracks by: Kyle Watson

Tracks: Bounce Up (w/ Kyle Watson ft Timothy & The Ruegroove), Right Now

Remix by: Chris James & Lee Dearn (Bounce Up), Adam Bozzetto (Bounce Up)


PMM024 - "SECOND NATURE EP" - January 2009

Original tracks by: Santiago & Bushido

Tracks: Can't Be Wrong, Second Nature, Bounce

Remix by: Johnny Fiasco (Can't Be Wrong)

PMM-019 - "WAKING UP THE TOWN EP" - February 2009

Original tracks by: Scott Cooper

Tracks: Crank It with Edu K ft Lella, If I Dont, Understand

Remix by: Trevor Loveys (Crank It), Scott Cooper (Crank It Dub)

PMM-018 - "INSANE INSIDE EP" - January 2009

Original tracks by: Electric Soulside

Tracks: Insane Inside, Boccaccio

Remix by: Kelevra (Insane Inside)

PMM-017 - "CLEAN JEANS EP" - December 8 2008

Original tracks by: Kelevra

Tracks: Clean Jeans ft Whiskey Pete, Like To Freak ft Nathan Boon

Remix by: Kyle Watson (Clean Jeans - Vocal & Dub Remixes), Dj Bam Bam (Like to Freak)

PMM-016 - "WE CAN PLAY EP" - October 2008

Original tracks by: Chris James & Lee Dearn

Tracks: Torcida Cumbia, Panic at the Bar Mitzvah, The Concept of Dancing

Remix by: Mightyfools (Torcida Cumbia)

PMM-015 - "TIME FOR TIME OUT EP" - November 2008

Original tracks by: Pette Vaydex

Tracks: My Orange Vacuum Cleaner, Hairy Lips ft Short Texas

Remix by: Rockwell D (My Orange Vacuum Cleaner)


POTTY MOUTH MUSIC (Chicago): www.pottymouthmusic.com

Screw soap the mouth; the brand of jack that defines Chicago's new-school house sound gets a tech-heavy makeover from the talent roster of Potty Mouth Music. Inspired by the dirty glitch twists of fidget house producers such as Switch, Trevor Loveys and Jesse Rose, Potty Mouth ditches conventional house boundaries, imploring turntable trickery, unconventional loops and straight up techno into its catalogue of tracks. Chicago-based label head James Amato keeps house-heavy influences in place and lacing them with the kind of dirty glitch that makes it feel so good to be so bad. Potty Mouth's artists include Crookers (Italy), Santiago & Bushido (Chicago), HiJack (UK), Dj Fame (New York), The Bulgarian (UK), Heavyfeet (UK), Cops & Robbers (Chicago), Electric Soulside (Belgium), Andy George (UK), Scott Cooper (UK), Klaus Hill (Australia), Mightyfools (Netherlands), Adam Bozzetto (Australia), TJR (New York), Chris James & Lee Dearn (UK), Urchins (UK), Pette Vaydex (Slovenia), Rockwell D (UK) and Kyle Watson (South Africa).


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