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3/23 - Nate Manic, Mr Nathaniel, Duke Shin

3/25 - Stephen P, Tyrel Williams, Blue J, Julian Pena

3/26 - Goldie, Submorphics

3/27 - The Twelves, Scott Brandon, Ross Kelly

3/28 - Gui Boratto, Gabriel Palomo, Sevron, Audiophile

3/29 - Peter Propoganda, bOY13, Akira Smith, Eeks!

3/29 - WMC in Miami: Colette, Hijack, Justin Long, Santiago & Bushido, Will Bailey, Andy George, Mixin Marc & Alex Peace, Scott Cooper, TJR, Miles Maeda, Dino G, Frankie Vega, James Amato, Ori Kawa


4/1 - Gene Farris, Diz, Lego, Frique

4/2 - Rusko ft. Rod Azlan (live), Phaded, Brandon S, Whoa-B

4/3 - Ladytron (DJ set), The Faint (DJ set), Figo (DJ set), The Darkwave Disco DJs

4/4 - Miles Maeda, Tyrel Williams, Blue J

4/5 - La Dolce Vita, Heaven Malone, Mikul Wing, hosted by Kelly Wey

4/8 - James Curd of Greenskeepers, Rocktapussy, SR-71

4/9 - Danny the Wild Child, Riverman, Alfonz De La Mota, M1D1 & Oracle

4/10 - Will Bailey, Med Lacoste, FFM, Kid Color, hosted by Derek Specs

4/11 - edIT of the Glitch Mob, DJ C + MC Zulu, Chris Widman, Searchl1te

4/15 - Brendon Moeller, DJ Lab, Kevin Reynolds, m50 vs Slow Children

4/16 - Dopelabs, FSTZ, Dented Sessions Crew

4/18 - Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, DJ Heather

4/24 - Michael Mayer, DJ Shift, Andrew Kevins, Easy Lee

4/25 - Colette, Justin Long, Deron Delgado

4/26 - DJ Chester (of Berlin), Toast, boy13

4/30 - DJ Dara, Radiata, Axsent


5/1 - Superpitcher, Daniel Mnookin & Brian Ffar

5/2 - Kaskade, Nate Manic, Greg Yuen & Paul Thomas

5/9 - Diplo, DJ Rob 3, Charlie Glitch & DJ Rampage

5/15 - Mr Scruff (6 hour set)

5/16 - Wasted Chicago Youth (Justin Long & Mazi), Alena

5/20 - Marco Carola, Kiddo, Ash!na, Philip Stone

5/21 - Adam Beyer, Sassmouth vs Frankie Vega, Brad Owen, Silentcorp

5/30 - Luke Solomon, Lee Jarvis, Scott Allyn


6/12 - Dan Bell, Frankie Vega, Stipe, Kawa


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