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Event: Addiction Tuesday at Lotus Lounge, Tue, Mar 31 6:00p


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Two Tone Productions & 5th Element Presents: Addiction Tuesday @ Lotus Lounge An Addiction is only a problem when you don't obtain treatment. Addicted to the night life? Addicted to having a good time? Addicted to new and chic? The treatment is the Sexy and Unique Lotus Lounge. The treatment is Sushi, an Open Bar and Free Admission. The Treatment is the Addiction. The FIX: You may become psychologically dependent upon the Party LIFE, you are not physically dependent upon it and deprivation of the Party LIFE may not, in certain individuals, produce the characteristic withdrawal symptoms which appear whenever a ADDICT to an opiate DRUG fails to obtain his or her usual "FIX". The fix consists of one bottle of moet rose that is distributed every week to one lucky addict. A random drawing will determine the biggest ADDICT. Your FIX will be presented at 11pm and SERVED at 12am. All addicts need there fix, the first step is admitting you are addicted * November 11, 2008 Doors open at 6pm Happy Hour 7pm-9pm Open Bar 10pm-11pm Table Reservations are highly recommended! Reservations are on a first book basis. Reservation: 202.277.4619 IMPORTANT: The look @ Addiction Tuesdays is fresh spring & casual. Relaxed dress requirements. Premium denim & sneakers are allowed. No baggy clothing of any sort will be allowed. You must be fly and you must be fresh for entry. Simply put, it is not about what you wear, but how you wear it. It's a must that you follow these simple dress code requirements!!! Music: Hip-Hop, House, R&B

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