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?im in miami bitch??well?they will be in dc bitches!! while searching for a name for his rap group, sky blu sent an ichat message to his grandmother seeking her opinion. her reply: lmfao. sky blu knew his and his partner-in-rhyme redfoo?s search for a name was over. ?when we told people our name was lmfao, everybody loved it,? redfoo says of the duo?s moniker, which is an abbreviation for laughing my f~~king ass off. ?we knew that that was the name.? already accomplished djs on the los angeles party scene with musical aspirations, sky blu and redfoo attended the 2007 winter music conference in miami. the trip was a pivotal one, as the non-stop partying and feel-good vibe they experienced in the florida locale solidified their musical and creative direction. lmfao recorded their ?i?m in miami bitch? song, decided on a signature look -- wearing loud colors, sporting glasses with no lenses -- and maintaining a contagiously positive outlook. ?we came back to la and we were still in the miami vibe,? redfoo says. ?we couldn?t get out of the miami vibe, so we were wearing shorts. there were a couple of cold days where it dropped down to 55, 60 degrees and people were like, ?why are you wearing shorts? it?s cold.? we were like, ?we?re in a miami state of mind.? it?s an energy that we want to live in.? that energy has translated in lmfao being one of music?s most popular emerging acts on the independent scene. sky blu (his given name is sky and the sky is blu, after all) and redfoo (the red symbolizes his passion, and he acts a foo) make music that straddles genres (rap, electro, club) and always results in a good time. such was the case with the group?s itunes-released party rock ep. consisting of the duo?s most popular songs (they?ve enjoyed more than 2 million plays on their myspace page, myspace.com/lmfaouno), party rock serves as an appetizer for their forthcoming debut full-length album. the atmospheric ?la la la? celebrates the top-of-the-world feeling people experience with a new love, while the humorous ?i am not a whore? features lmfao slyly examining their envious space on the club scene. the propulsive ?lil? hipster girl? details the young ladies they encounter while partying and ?yes? is an inspirational anthem wrapped in an electro package. although lmfao focuses on a good time, they are also very business savvy. they always sport one of their own shirts, they tour constantly, they maintain a constant myspace and youtube presence and they remain the life of the party. raised on los angeles? west side (sky blu is redfoo?s nephew), the pair looks forward to achieving their hedonic objective. ?we want to make the earth a party planet,? sky blu says. ?our goal is to package this energy up and to spread it all over the world,? redfoo adds. ?we want to infect the world with this fun, upbeat stuff. we?re like the jackson two. we?re trying to be the biggest we can, but with our own sound.? and that?s no laughing matter.

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