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Mazi & Duriez - "Chicago Paris Connection" - Fresh Meat Records


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Available now exclusively @ BEATPORT

Featuring remixes by Peace Division, Phonogenic and Wasted Chicago Youth.

The frequent flyers say:

Luciano - WIll play 5/5

Konrad Black - Bombs awaaaay!

Federico Molinari - Very cool tracks 5/5

Ivan Smagghe - Phonogenic remix rules...a long time classic track.

Florian Kruse - Just awesome! I love the T5 mix of Peace Division.

Hell - I will definitely play these out!

Orde Meikle (Slam) - Great remixes.

Jay Tripwire - Loving this package..Phonogenic remix kills and so do the Peace Division remixes, these slaughter dance floors far and wide!

Technasia - Brilliant Wasted Chicago Youth remix.

Benny Rodrigues - The Phonogenic mix rocks for me.

Luke McKeehan (Nordic Trax) - Bangin! All of them; seriously rough bizness.

Pete Dafeet - I just need to wipe saliva off my keyboard, these are beautiful. Will play each and all.

Joris Voorn - I'm really into the PD mixes!

Shonky - Like the Peace Division T5 mix and love the vocal. Will play.

Nacho Marco - Nice packages. Phonogenic rocks!

Onionz - Yellow smiles all around. I'm rockin this.

Robin Porter - Hey lads, wicked release.

Desyn Masiello - This sounds seriously good. Will support the new Wasted Chicago Youth mix.

Marco Resmann (Phage) - Peace Division rules! Full support.

Rob Mello - Some good moments here. The Phonogenic remix and the PD mixes are great!

MANDY - Downloading WCY Flashback.

Satoshi Tomiie - Still sounding great and current! Classic.

Terry Mullan - I don't know what y ou've been told, it ain't the butterfly it's the tootsie roll! Thanks for these; look forward to playing them.

Sasse - Phonogenic remix all the way for me, wicked!

Audiofly - Peace Division all the way!

Llorca (Art of Tones) - Excellent package! I've been hammering the Phonogenic remix and the PD versions are fantastic. Full support!

Shlomi Aber - The PD dub is great.

Rob G (OM Records) - Loving the WCY and Peace Division mixes. Stellar underground release.

Andy Cato - Wasted Chicago Youth mix is excellent.

Jim Rivers - Excellent stuff. Phonogenic mix here for me, thanks.

Renato Cohen - Fuck! That's big!

Milton Jackson - Really liking Phonogenic and PD mixes.

Nick Warren - Wasted Chicago Youth mix is the one for me.

Mike Monday - Peace Division 100% winner

Paolo Mojo - Solid stuff - Peace Divsion mix of "Follow Up" and Phonogenic mix of "Wake Up Call are my picks. Cheers!


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