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TJR "Eat, Breathe, Sleep EP" w/ rmx by Klaus Hill - Out now Potty Mouth!


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Original tracks by: TJR

Tracks: Good Evening Chicago, I Dont Know Where

Remix by: Klaus Hill (Good Evening Chicago)



Available for purchase at:


www.beatport.com - Exclusive for first 4 weeks from 05/19/09 til 06/19/09








View/listen video previews at:

"Good Evening Chicago" (Original Mix):

"Good Evening Chicago" (Klaus Hill Remix):

"I Dont Know Where" (Original Mix):

Click on the image for more info on TJR!


TJR Eats, Sleeps, and Breaths Potty Mouth Music:

New EP features 2 original tracks + remix by Klaus Hill

CHICAGO—On his debut EP for Potty Mouth Music, DJ/producer TJR from New York works his signature acid house sound into something fresh, funky and infectious. The Eat, Sleep, Breathe EP bridges TJR’s knack for old-school sampling with the forward-thinking sounds of house and electro. The result is a three track EP that includes the vocal-heavy “Good Evening Chicago,†including a remix by Sydney, Australia’s Klaus Hill; and “I Don’t Know Where,†a disco influenced cut heavily reworked with a fidget twist.

“I’ve always had a strong connection to Chicago and house music,†says TJR, an industry veteran of more than 15 years. In producing “Good Night Chicago†as part of PMM 025, TJR brings the energy of a live show to the studio, as he pays homage to one of the scene’s most influential cities. “Creating a song dedicated to the city that keeps redefining house music was a goal of mine,†he says.

Growing up in suburban Connecticut, TJR’s early years consisted of hockey, golf and suburban debauchery. Once an aspiring golf pro, TJR traded in his clubs for a set of turntables after attending his first rave in mid-’90s. He soon translated his love for mixing into producing it. Taking note from artists such as Terry Mullan, Armando, Mike Ink, Paul Birken and Ian Pooley, he landed on the Catalyst label before once again shifting his sound to the fidget/electro house scene. Original tracks on Wearhouse Music—along with remixes for labels such as InStereo Recordings, Eden Records and Promo—have positioned TJR amongst some of the scenes finest.

The producer/DJ says he was trying to make his latest release a fun addition to the PMM label. “Life shouldn’t be taken so seriously and I try to reflect in my music,†he says.

TJR - BEATPORT - TOP TEN (5/19/09)

01. Mr. Oizo / Steroids / Mr. Oizo Remix / Ed Banger Records

02. TJR / Good Evening Chicago / Original mix / Potty Mouth Music

03. Jo Kira / De Nada / Aniki Thank U Very Much Mix / Satan’s Circus Records

04. Ralphie C. / Shake Ass / Original Mix / Pop Rox

05. TJR / I Don’t Know Where / Original Mix / Potty Mouth Music

06. Clark Able / Back In The Bronx / Hijack remix / Jack Union Records

07. Dust N Haze, Paul Anthony, ZXX / This Is What I Do / TJR remix / SupaCutz

08. Lee Dearn, Chris James / Torcida Cumbia / Mightyfools remix / Potty Mouth Music

09. Wongo, Will Bailey / The Cannock Wobble / Hot Mouth Remix / Simma Records

10. TJR / Sonic Chronic / Lee Mortimer Remix / Wearhouse Music


PMM-027 - "UWLMF EP" - June 2009

Original tracks by: Santiago & Bushido

Tracks: Make Me Feel, All That I Can Say, Tell Me Why


PMM024 - "SECOND NATURE EP" - January 2009

Original tracks by: Santiago & Bushido

Tracks: Can't Be Wrong, Second Nature, Bounce

Remix by: Johnny Fiasco (Can't Be Wrong)

PMM-023 - "Gouled Felem EP" - April 2009

Original tracks by: Audiostalkers

Tracks: Front to Back ft D-Chi, Beat Glitches ft Zerina, Gouled Felem

Remix by: Santiago & Bushido (Front To Back)

PMM-022 - "Keep It Real EP" - March 2009

Original tracks by: HiJack

Tracks: Keep It Real, Higher

Remix by: Oliver $ (Keep It Real)

PMM-021 - "Burning Up EP" - April 2009

Original tracks by: Rockwell D

Tracks: You Cant Cool, Tempo Critical, Crazy Hoe

Remix by: Scott Cooper (You Cant Cool)

PMM-020 - "FRESH & BOUNCY EP" - February 2009

Original tracks by: Kyle Watson

Tracks: Bounce Up (w/ Kyle Watson ft Timothy & The Ruegroove), Right Now

Remix by: Chris James & Lee Dearn (Bounce Up), Adam Bozzetto (Bounce Up)


POTTY MOUTH MUSIC (Chicago): www.pottymouthmusic.com

Screw soap the mouth; the brand of jack that defines Chicago's new-school house sound gets a tech-heavy makeover from the talent roster of Potty Mouth Music. Inspired by the dirty glitch twists of fidget house producers such as Switch, Trevor Loveys and Jesse Rose, Potty Mouth ditches conventional house boundaries, imploring turntable trickery, unconventional loops and straight up techno into its catalogue of tracks. Chicago-based label head James Amato keeps house-heavy influences in place and lacing them with the kind of dirty glitch that makes it feel so good to be so bad. Potty Mouth's artists include Crookers (Italy), Santiago & Bushido (Chicago), HiJack (UK), Dj Fame (New York), The Bulgarian (UK), Heavyfeet (UK), Cops & Robbers (Chicago), Electric Soulside (Belgium), Andy George (UK), Scott Cooper (UK), Klaus Hill (Australia), Mightyfools (Netherlands), Adam Bozzetto (Australia), TJR (New York), Chris James & Lee Dearn (UK), Urchins (UK), Pette Vaydex (Slovenia), Rockwell D (UK) and Kyle Watson (South Africa).


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