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Driven AM Update: Jo-S, Burner Brothers, Sinistarr 100% Mix

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In this Driven AM update we feature...

1. Jo-S: Latest Addition to the Driven AM Roster

2. Burner Brothers US tour featuring Dj Seen

3. Sinistarr New 100% Original Mix

4. Driven AM Recordings 001: Out Now!




(Driven AM |Westbay Intl | Shogun Ltd | 31 Records | Sonorous | Peer Pressure | Taciturn Records | LA)


After bursting on to the New York electronic music scene in the late 90s as a DJ and Producer, JO-S has revitalized his sound by adding vocals to both his DJ sets and original songs. Several #1 singles have resulted from this new endeavor.

Los Angeles, CA. April 20, 2009 – After 14 years as a drum and bass DJ and producer, JO-S is now developing his skills as a lyricist and vocalist. His congenital talents have allowed JO-S to find new inspiration as he continues to explore his potential as a singer and MC. “I’m always looking for new ways to expand the live performance aspect of my craft. Singing was the natural progression. It has expanded my skill set as an artist thus allowing me to add more production value to my live DJ sets. I’ve always felt it was important to be a positive spokesperson for the scene as well. My lyrics typify this sentiment. I choose to write about topics that step outside of the club scene.â€

This positive energy and motivation to explore his potential as a vocalist earned him a 12†release on Westbay International Recordings. “Define†(co-produced by Kubatko) features the vocal work of JO-S for the first time on vinyl. The lyrics of “Define†reveal that within drum and bass music, there are no boundaries. “When I wrote the lyrics I was thinking about the genre splitting that was going on within the scene. I felt this was segregating the fans, producers and DJs. Throughout my tenure as a DJ and producer, I’ve explored all styles and I’m known for running the gamut of sounds almost every time I play. I represent progressive drum and bass music that moves the dance floor... that’s my job as a performer.â€

Since JO-S signed to Westbay Recordings (one of the top-ten selling drum and bass labels distributed through Nu-Urban Distribution), he has now garnered enough attention overseas to perform in the UK. In celebration of his forthcoming release, JO-S played alongside such notable artists as Killa Kella, Dbridge and Lynx at a party called Diverse in Swindon, UK. He was also given a slot to showcase his vocal talents along with his DJ skills at Subfactory in Reading, UK. As JO-S continued to move forward with this newfound vision, he started receiving attention from various producers from around the globe. One artist who beckoned was Sinistarr hailing from Detroit. He flaunts an innovative, yet minimal soulful sound. “Vines†was the result of the collaboration. Sinistarr helped JO-S reach artists like LTJ Bukem, Fabio, Spectrasoul, Random Movement and Stunna who are all representing his music.

In addition to working with Sinistarr, JO-S was contacted by a prolific artist named Lenzman from the Netherlands. He is noted for releases on Spearhead, Phunkfiction and C.I.A. The two began collaborating on a tune called “Emeraldsâ€. DJ Friction signed it for release on his top ten label, Shogun Ltd. When Friction came to Los Angeles to perform at Bassrush in January of 09’, JO-S was invited on stage for an impromptu live vocal performance of “Emeraldsâ€. Now a smash hit, “Emeralds†sold out within a day when first released on promo. “Emeralds†also reached 1 on the Beatport and Juno download charts. The success JO-S has enjoyed by pairing up with Lenzman has lead to other signings on such labels as 31 Records and Goldie’s highly respected imprint Metalheadz.


Lenzman feat. JO-S (vocals) – Emeralds b/w Mesmerized out now on Shogun Ltd

Sinistarr feat. JO-S (vocals) – Vines out now on Sonorous

JO-S – Mainframe b/w Timepiece – out now on Taciturn Digital


Lenzman feat. JO-S (vocals) – Fade Away b/w Burner – 31 Records

Lenzman feat. JO-S (vocals) – Coincidence – Metalheadz

Lenzman and Treez feat. JO-S (vocals) – Stellar – (tba)

JO-S and Kubatko – Define b/w (tba) – Westbay Intl

JO-S and Alder feat. Karl Cutta – Crumblin’ Empirez EP – Taciturn Digital

JO-S – The Passage b/w Autumn Reign – Taciturn Digital

JO-S – Weird Fishes – Taciturn Digital

JO-S – Snicker b/w Undertow – Taciturn Digital

JO-S – Goodbye Horses (electro) b/w remix (tba) – Taciturn Electro

* All of the singles from the previously released JO-S album “Firing Pin†are being re-released digitally through Sony’s expanded digital network which will now includes iTunes, Beatport, Trackitdown, Juno and other quality DJ download sites.



Burner Brothers

(Driven AM | Direct Drive | Subsonik | NYC)

2009 is shaping up to be HUGE for the the Burner Brothers....A UK tour with Chris Thomas and MC Posi-D, a full length album in the works, a recent release and mix on Subsonik, and a US tour with Dj Seen!


Subsonik Sound presents:


A. Burner Bros feat. Joe Philips – "Sinister"

B. Burner Bros feat. Erik Kang – "Police Raid"

Available now, and featured at Trackitdown.net


"EPIC DRUM AND BASS ANTHEM! We love Subsonik Sound and only three digital releases in and they've already grabbed out attention. Joe Philips lays down an epic rock vocal over a Matrix & Futurebound style blissed out rolling jump up groove to deliver a real song that just tears out! Burner Brothers nail this. Two tracks to check in this release. Sick."


In support of their latest release and the upcoming album, Driven AM is now accepting bookings for the Burner Brother's US tour featuring Dj Seen!

DJ Seen


For the last 15 years, real heads can’t think about Drum & Bass in New York City without mentioning DJ Seen’s name. He’s championed the scene since 1994, back when the Ragga vibes were running rampant, and is still promoting Drum & Bass’s evolution to this day. He is a man who is well-respected for his no-nonsense approach to quality sets and is also seen as an acclaimed producer with his work alongside DJ Wally/Pish Posh. He is also most notably known for his work as 1/3 of The Burner Brothers, a crew whose productions have graced numerous labels including Jungle Sky, Magic Vinyl, Steppasoundz and Rawkuts. Let’s take a step back, though…

Back in early 1996, DJ Seen helped form the Audio Arcade with MC Panik, of Konkrete Jungle fame, whose mission was to be a passageway, or arcade, for which to represent Drum & Bass to the fullest. It was nearly three years later when Seen started producing alongside DJ Wally/Pish Posh, most notably with “The Monsta†from Pish Posh’s Up Jumps the Boogie CD. This was the perfect union: Seen already had the pulse of the dance-floor tapped and DJ Wally/Pish Posh’s established reputation, they created some truly unique American Drum & Bass. This, of course, caused quite a commotion. To this day, many East Coast American Drum & Bass fans first related to DJ Wally & Seen when they thought of homegrown Drum & Bass artists. This union helped lead to numerous releases on Rawkus’ Rawkuts imprint, a label which would soon give DJ Seen the title of label manager. Although the label folded along with Rawkus, Seen’s work as manager helped further establish the brand on a more international level, scoring unforgettable releases like the “Oh No†remixes by John B, as well as tracks from producers like Gridlok, Jo-S, JuJu and KC. In this time period, Drum & Bass’s own treacherous 3, The Burner Brothers (DJ Seen, Pish Posh & Chris Thomas), were born.

Their productions gained much praise and rewinds, both stateside and within the hands of top UK selectors. For a time, DJ Seen fell silent from the more mainstream-side of Drum & Bass, even though he still held it down as resident DJ at NYC’s Direct Drive (www.directdrive.net). In 2006, he stopped his work with various labels to better concentrate on his own productions and DJing. As a result, DJ Seen is known to be one of the most hard-working DJs in the New York area; packing the Drum & Bass rooms at weeklies and parties in Atlanta, South Beach, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other US cities. He is still holding it down at Direct Drive and in 2008 has not only mentioned that he has a serious batch of solo tunes, but he is also working on new material for a full length album with The Burner Brothers! One can only hope that 2009 and beyond sees DJ Seen and the Burner Brothers take back the crown and chart a new path to that next level… Words: khal




(Driven AM | Hospital | Creative Source | Horizons | Peer Pressure)


With a recent signing to Hospital records, Sinistarr is one of the fastest raising stars in US dnb. Driven AM is proud to host this brand new 100% Original DnB mix from Sinistarr!

Causing much commotion and change over the last year has been Detroit, Michigan’s own Sinistarr. Combining the native sounds of Detroit techno, electro and house into his own stew, Sinistarr gained the attention from tastemakers like Fabio early on, who had Sinistarr’s “Leeroy Jenkins†pegged early for the mighty Creative Source. While that didn’t pan out (“Leeroy Jenkins†later ended up on Influence), this did not slow his roll down one bit. Aside from the “Leeroy Jenkins†12â€, he also signed a 12†to Nu Directions (“Anorak†/ “Nubienneâ€), released an EP (“Something’s Working†on Blu Saphir Digital) and dropped a tune called “Recovery†on Deep Soul Music’s Future Without A Past CD compilation. Horizons Music has picked up on his “Lynx Is Playing At My House†lick (with whom he’s recently inked a nice deal with), not to mention a 12†for Creative Source in the future.

Aside from the production side of things, he’s also a solid DJ, spinning mixes for a number of podcasts (BBS Bookings, Sonorous Music, etc.) and club dates, and spend time as an A&R for San Diego’s Peer Pressure Recordings, helping get quality producers the world over some much-needed shine. Label heads, promoters and DJs alike should keep an ear to the ground, as this young talent is surely set to turn heads in 2009, and beyond.


1. Lynx Is Playing At My House (Horizons)

2. My Thoughts Exactly (Inside)

3. Pole Position (Sonorous)

4. Load Screen (Unsigned)

5. Super Drums (Horizons)

6. Nixed (Influence)

7. Scare-Do (Peer Pressure Recordings)

8. Anorak (Nu Directions)

9. Bad For Your Health (Influence)

10. Black Diamonds w/ Kiat (Hospital)

11. Detroit Diesel (Creative Source)

12. Recovery (Deep Soul Music)

13. Golgo 13 (MJazz)

14. 734 (Nu Directions)

15. Park Avenue (Inside)

16. Nothing But You (Integral)

17. 313 Cycles (Horizons)

18. Full Extent (Influence)

19. Vines feat. Jo-S (Sonorous)

20. Blue Thumb (Peer Pressure Recordings)

21. Pax Romana (MJazz)

22. Aril Brikha - Read Only Memory [sinistarr Bootleg]

23. Anti Personnel w/ Mixmaster Doc (Creative Source)

24. Scripted (Inperspective Records)

25. Jit Tune (Unsigned)


Lynx Is Playing At My House + Mutt - It's Pouring Once Again - Horizons Music

My Thoughts Exactly|Park Avenue - Inside Recordings (Horizons Music)

Leeroy Jenkins + nixed - Influence Records

The Butters (How We Do)+ "Scare-Do" - Peer Pressure Recordings - Shareware + 500 Shades - Junction 11 Records

Recovery - Future Without Past CD - Deep Soul Music

Something's Working EP - Digital Blus

Pole Position|Vines|Rolland Berry|Logarithm - Sonorous Music - 2009


Anorak/Nubienne - Nu Directions

Uptown|Blue Thumb - Peer Pressure Recordings

Detroit Diesel - Creative Source

Full Extent - Coming Correct EP - Influence Records



Driven AM Recordings present


Driven AM Recordings 001:

Dave Shichman - Towards The Fire (EP)

1. Towards The Fire

2. Away and Away

3. After We Dine

4. Seasonal Moods

Availible on itunes, Juno, Amazon, and many other online retailers, as well as featured at TrackItDown.net


"Bo! We love this skippy dub influenced liquid jungle roller. Natty dub melody and bassline layered with pads and synths to make this an epic and ethnic drum and bass roller with bags of life. Just one of four cracking liquid cuts to check out. BIG IN THE DANCE!"

Driven AM Recordings in an outlet for friends and members of the Driven AM roster.



Available for booking in North America:

Bachelors of Science, DB, Datcyde, Dave Shichman, Dj Seen, Dj Seoul, Dj Strife, Jo-S, Kjell, Mixmaster Doc, Nookie, Random Movement, Raw Q, Sinistarr



AIM: Driven AM NYC



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