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Major Manhattan Big-Room DJ leaving the music industry and selling personal master 20-year dance-music vinyl collection.

Played all the biggest night-clubs and arenas in New York City for over 20 years, and the collection consists of all the biggest house/techno/trance records that were played at Sound Factory, Tunnel, Lime Light, Palladium, Arena, New Sound Factory, Twilo, Crobar, et cetera, over the last 20 years of Manhattan’s big-nightclub dance music history.

This is my own private “master†collection which I never intended to sell and it was distilled form over 200, 000 records, and I only kept about 1000 of the very best DJ only and white label big-room records to use as my base for my own DJ-act and to re-mix and produce with.

NYC dance music DJ’s are now getting $50,000 for three hour sets to play records like this off of CD’s (to preserve the vinyl masters), so anyone who wants to be a serious DJ or knows what to do with this collection (production wise) can easily make a fortune with this vinyl collection.

Each master was played NO MORE than 10 times, and many were played only once (to copy them to cd which we played during performances).

Collection took 20 years of digging every day in Manhattan DJ records stores and in cities around the world (Germany, Australia, England, etc).

Extremely rare big-room dance music collection, includes; ALL the big JUNIOR VASQUEZ records. The big Jonathan Peters records. Most of the huge DJ only

big-room vocal remixes (Donna Summer, Whitney Houston, Barbara Tucker, Sinead O’Conner, etc). Also ALL the unauthorized underground big-room dance remixes of Madonna and Grace Jones.

Collection has no filler records (anything which didn’t make the NYC dance-floors crazy was thrown away over the last 20 years), and each vinyl master is a huge underground club hit. Collection is preserved in 10 steel DJ Record Cases classified by genre – House, Techno, Trance, Tribal, Peak records, Vocals, After-Hours, etc.

It took 20 dedicated years to find and build this big-room dance music collection, and anyone who buys it will have the same exact rare nightclub records that all the big NYC DJ’s are using to cash in now that DJ and dance-music culture has exploded world-wide. You’ll have the same exact records that Junior Vasquez, and Jonathan Peters, Danny Tenaglia, and Roger Sanchez, and Victor Calderone, and Erick Morillo are using as their masters to play daily gigs and festivals around the world at $30,000 - $75,000 (and up) per gig rates.

Collection for sale only as a whole (no single record requests unless you are prepared to pay a fortune for specific producers like Junior Vasquez, etc). Serious inquiries only.

All international interest welcome.

Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions, write anytime to info@audiography.org, jacqui@audiography.org, or booking@audiography.org

Please e-mail us for shipping details, and we'll work out delivering the collection to you based on where you want the collection delivered.

Keywords: NYC DJ-Only/White-Label big-room underground 20-year vinyl collection (dance music masterpieces only), Sound Factory, Tunnel, Roxy, Lime Light, Palladium, Arena, New Sound Factory, Twilo, Crobar, Junior Vasquez, Jonathan Peters, Danny Tenaglia, Razor and Guido, Merritt, Peter Rauhofer, Victor Calderone, Hex Hector, Angel Moraes, House, Techno, Minimal, Tribal, Trance, Tech-House, Electro, Madonna, Madonna Underground Nightclub Mixes, Madonna Unauthorized Club Mixes, Big-Room vocal remixes, Kristine W, Veronica, Donna Summer, Barbara Tucker, Cyndi Lauper remixes, Whitney Houston remixes, Sinead O'Conner Nightclub mixes, Rarest Big-Room Underground NYC nightclub records, Tim Rex.

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