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JAY-J - Re:souled \\ Out Now!

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Re:Souled Vol. 2
The Shifted Music Remix Collection

The long awaited second installment of the compilation series, Re:Souled, will be available worldwide on Mar. 31, 2009. Part album, part Mixed CD, Vol. 2 features Jay-J's favorite funky, soulful & sexy remixes and productions from the past 2 years.

Featuring music from Chuck Love, HiFi Mike, Random Soul, Martin East, Deep Josh, Pete Moss, Ronan and Sandra Lima, this comp cd delivers everything you've come to expect from Jay-J and more!

Traxsouce -*http://www.traxsource.com/index.php?act=show&fc=tpage&cr=titles&cv=32224

DJ Tunes - http://www.djtunes.com/track/re-souled-the-shifted-music-remix-collection-vol-2__340528

JUNO - http://www.junodownload.com/ppps/products/1409333-02.htm


"Just what the doctor ordered!!! Jay-J gets it done with this one. *I love the mix by my boy Mike Gogans."

"Your breath is always on me when I play your music! *This is one beautiful groove...thanks for the music!"

"Awesome mix going on here. *All basically Brand New Jay-J remixes and material. *Same awesome Jay-J vibe with an updated modern touch. *Funky, soulful, vocal, excellent house music all around. *Great deal too!!!"

"Another masterpiece by Jay-J...always uplifting and always soulful."

"Very refreshing to hear this awesome mix. *This mix from Jay-J is fun and uplifting and makes me smile...just like house music is supposed to do. *Thank you for keeping House Music alive!"

"Just what I have been waiting for!!! *Another banging mix from Jay-J!! *I love all of his music. *This is the best thing on itunes!!!. *Keep em coming!"

"Don't sleep on this one. *Not only is this session smoothly mixed by the master himself, Jay-J, but it includes some of his best remixes that have rocked clubs all over the world in the last year or so. *If you love soulful, sexy house West Coast style don't skip this one. *What a deal for $3.99."

"New York City house at it's finest and only 4 bucks!. *You must have this!"


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