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6/3 - Gene Farris, Diz, Lego, Frique, Jevon Jackson

6/4 - Gein, Alfonz Dela Mota, The Ghost, Raw Deal

6/5 - SR-71, Scott Brandon, One Fifty One, Ross Kelly, Mister Joshua

6/6 - Johnny Fiasco, Santiago, Dino G

6/10 - D-Vo, Yann M, Kevin Greene, DJ Nightden, DJ Deluge

6/11 - Benga, Xi, Phaded vs Chris Widman

6/12 - Dan Bell, Frankie Vega, Stipe, Kawa

6/13 - DJ Heather, DJ Mes, Matty

6/17 - Rees Urban, Dave Sabat, Kwak, Dysqo

6/18 - Noisia, Carbide, Nameloc

6/19 - Treasure Fingers, DJ Weaponry, Mikul Wing & Kha, La Dolce Vita, hosted by Derek Specs

6/20 - Justin Long, Sativa

6/24 - Stephen P, Tyrel Williams, Blue J, Julian Pena

6/25 - DJ Marky DJ Midway

6/26 - DJ Icey, DJ Deekline, Keith Mackenzie, Scott Remedy

6/27 - Colette, Just Jason of Latenight Society, (the) Sharp Inner Tubes

6/28 - DJ Larissa vs DJ Chester (of Berlin), Bside, bOY13 vs eeks, hosted by Shayna X


7/1 - Gene Farris, Diz, Lego, Frique, Jeff Bloom

7/2 - Dieselboy, MF, Zew

7/3 - Miles Maeda, Wally Callerio, Chris Clark

7/5 - Richie Hawtin, Barem, Ambivalent

7/9 - Arsenic (live), Alfonz De La Mota, M1D1, Riverman, DJ Decay

7/10 - The Advent vs Industrialyzer (live), Angel Alanis, Submerge, Hyperactive vs 80057

7/11 - Dayhota, Sista Stroke, Roque

7/18 - Justin Long, Acid Circus

7/23 - Raiden, Gemini Twins, Kryteria

7/24 - Pat Mahoney from LCD Soundsystem, Michael Serafini, Mister Joshua

7/29 - Stephen P, Tyrel Williams, Blue J, Julian Pena

7/30 - Xample, Sinistar, DJ Stunna


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