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Imaani Brown-Pieces EP/Beatport exclusive

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Imaani Brown - Pieces ep / Deep Nota Records/BEATPRT EXCLUSIVE


Beatport Link :


Imaani Brown on Deep Nota Records, can't go wrong. In fact, when I think about it ... it's only logical these 2 titans of quality music have found each other. I recently had some contact with Mr. Imaani Brown through Soundcloud, an excellent platform to get your music listened to. I admire his style and respect his producer skills a lot. It's a good thing for Deep Nota Records they got him signed to their fantastic label. Now about the ep, Dis Poem is a rather energetic track with a soulful twist; energetic for its rhytm structure and soulful for the synth which adds most of the instrumental body to the track. It's a rather fresh approach by Mr. Imaani Brown as he mixes two completely different elements together and creates a track which sounds original and shows us Mr. Brown's sense for creativity. So, excellent material for Deep Nota Records; quality comes first as we're used from Mr. Mickey K and the other Deep Nota artists. Down flirts with a percussive nervous rhythm which gives the track a unique vibration. When played on a decent sound system, it will be hard not to start dancing. One thing I find remarkable in Down is the little, practically unnoticeable sounds which make this track more alive even though there's a certain repetitive pattern going on. These little sounds are there for this purpose only but they are so needed to give the track its unique character. Leave them out and you'll probably end up with a track not worthy to be released on Deep Nota Records. But Mr Brown masters his craft as he shows us on this fine pieces ep. On to the next track, Naked Truth, which goal is to get those hands up in the air and to lift the night or party into utopian heights. The element taking care of that is some nasty string like synth which opens up to those subtle harsh and high "party anthem" frequencies as the micro breaks progress and to disappear in the tight and right on rhythmic groove as soon as the kick drops in. Not to much sonic fantasy here but a 4 to the floor funky and sexy smooth tech party anthem. Pieces, one of my favourite here, resides in the jazzy house pool. Sensual keys and phat high hats are the elements which are the melodic tasty juice on this soulful and atmospheric track. One definitely to be played in my next radio show on www.zenfm.be and in my Easy Notes Podcast (cupa-events.be). A track perfect for those lounge bars, even restaurants and shops can play this. It's pleasant and sociable and its funkiness will work those female hips to. Trouble keeping the ladies amused? Play Pieces. Street Dreams has the pleasant spirit like the other tracks on this ep, its sound is some what different though as the approach seems to come from a totally different angle as the other tracks. I would say its inspired by some semidarkness with the last sun sparkles still just above the horizon. It has that laid back atmosphere which I like so much. It's like tracks with this atmosphere emit a special sense of calm, it brings out a spiritual dimension, a stimulation for inner piece. My general thought on this ep is that it's a good thing for Deep Nota Records to bring another talented and gifted musician like Imaani Brown in to the Deep Nota stable. Though the label has a high standard and reputation to keep up with when it comes down to quality, Mr. Imaani Brown's Pieces ep definitely delivers a fresh sound on Deep Nota Records.

Thanks for reading…

Deep Nota Records



Review by: Silky Jack http://www.culpa-events.be/for Deep Nota Records


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