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Event: Icee Hot w/ Shackleton, Silent Servant, Austin Cesear at Public Works, Fri, Ma

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Please join Icee Hot on a journey to the furthest outer reaches of dance music courtesy of three visionary producers: Shackleton, Silent Servant, and Austin CESEAR. Leading the way on this vision quest is Shackleton, a producer best known for his work on Skull Disco and his own Woe to the Septic Heart, two labels which have consistently showcased his unique sound. His music is marked by impossibly heavy bass-weight, confounding African-inspired polyrhythms, and a suffocating sense of dread, all of which provide a counterpoint to his twisted, psychedelic arrangements. Recalling the vibes of early dubstep (like 2005-2007, before, well, you know) and the experimental sounds of Muslimgauze, Shackleton's work invokes some sort of alternate universe that copycats wouldn't dare imitate. He'll be performing Live and his set is guaranteed to be On Some Other S~~T. LA-based Silent Servant is another one of our co-pilots for the night, and he'll undoubtedly be veering things into murky, unknown territories with his DJ set. The Sandwell District affiliate can always be counted about to dip into industrial-strength techno, cryogenically frozen post-punk, and scruffy, unhinged house music. Finally, young Oakland shaman Austin Cesear will cast a spell with a Live Pa of dusty, blown-out rhythms and sounds that are are equal parts dub techno and atmospheric excursions. This will be his final set in the Bay Area before he relocates to Brooklyn, so make sure to catch him before he heads out of town. As always, Icee infidels Ghosts On Tape, Shawn Reynaldo, and DJ Will are going to be there too.

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