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Event: The Disco Biscuits present City Bisco at Trocadero Theatre, Thu, Sep 25 8:00p

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The Disco Biscuits are an entirely different band today than they were when they first broke out of Philadelphia in the mid-90s. That's not to say that they've abandoned their foundations, switched gears entirely, or set sail for distant shores. The Disco Biscuits are still very much the trailblazers of "trance-fusion" that they've always been, bridging the gap between electronic music and jam bands. They remain rock pioneers whose soul belongs as much to marathon dance parties as it does to live improvisational journeys. They still employ emerging technologies to help them create music that is 100 percent human, although perhaps not entirely of this earth. But after spending the past three years in the studio during breaks in touring they've resurfaced with Planet Anthem, a record that is undeniably unlike anything else they've ever created before. "Our only goal was to make a great album," says keyboardist Aron Magner. "That was the only concept from the very beginning." But Planet Anthem is more than a great album it's about to become a reference point for a whole set of new weapons in the Disco Biscuits' arsenal. "It's all about making sure that you have the material that you feel confident is, without a doubt, going to make a difference in your career," bassist Marc Brownstein explains. "We want to have this album be a game changer for us." In the past, the Disco Biscuits would try to convert their most recent live songs into studio versions, but with Planet Anthem the band is eagerly attempting to do the opposite taking new studio compositions and making them a seamless part of their live repertoire. It's a challenge that will no doubt shape the new face of Disco Biscuits jams. Indeed, now that Planet Anthem is finally complete, the Disco Biscuits can at long last return to their primary function as one of America's most in-demand live jam bands. And the new material will make the trek with them, adapting at every turn. Says Brownstein: "People might hear a new song like 'Loose Change' and be a little freaked out that it's a pop song, but we're going to take that song live and we're going to jam the s~~t out of it." In other words, meet the new Biscuits, at once much evolved yet still much the same as the old Biscuits. This is still the band that hosts Camp Bisco each summer, a three-day festival which they anchor while bringing the "trance-fusion" style to life with back-to-back sets by some of the world's top electronic acts, jam bands, MCs and DJs. They will continue to headline prestigious venues like Red Rocks, tear up stages at world-renowned festivals like Japan's Fuji Rock, and embark on tours during all four seasons. But Brownstein is right Planet Anthem is going to be a game changer. It's a game where everybody wins, but the Disco Biscuits remain firmly in the lead. ~AXS

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