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Event: GusGus at Great American Music Hall, Thu, Oct 9 9:00p

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GusGus with Special Guests Kiko King & Creativemaze GusGus is from Reykjavík, Iceland. They were founded in 1995. Gus Gus' music is eclectic, and although primarily classified with techno, trip-hop, and house music, it has experimented with numerous other styles. The group has also remixed several famous artists, including Björk, Depeche Mode, Moloko, and Sigur Rós . Added to this, it released the song "Desire" with Ian Brown in January 2004. A remix of the track "Purple" appeared in remixed form on Paul Oakenfold's successful trance compilation called Trancepo r t . GusGus on Tour with their new album „Mexico“ It is difficult and also a little lazy to squeeze GusGus into a genre drawer. That drawer would make no sense. Like an entry in a world-renowned encyclopaedia which would list Icelanders under "genres": "Techno, House, as well as in the past Jazz, Rock, Downtempo, Ambient". Such comments wouldn´t bother GugGus. GusGus always do their own thing. This shows itself once again with their new album "Mexico" released in June .Their ninth album is a buzz of electronic influences, a pure rejoicing in warm vocals and exact-fitting beats. There is the solid house stomper "Another Life" as well as the dense atmosphere of an after-hour melancholic ballad in "This Is What You Get When You Mess With Love". One may be curious how Gus Gus convert these songs into their famous live sets as they tour throughout the world. An already sweaty crowd being confronted with the album opener "Obnoxiously Sex", or with the cool title track "Mexico" – a growling, demanding instrumental. And then there are still the well-known hits such as "David", "Shaving", "Need In Me" or "Hold You" which all make the audience happy, dancing bunnies. As you may know from the concerts in the past, these will all be performed in perfectly visualized borders, crossing between electro and pop, with various singers, an impressive light show and especially with dozens of songs which will not permit you to stand still. The band's name refers to the 1974 German film Ali: Fear Eats the So u l by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, where a female character is cooking couscous for her lover, pronouncing it Gus Gus . Visit www . gusgus .co m for more information Watch the GusGus Crossfade video

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