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Any producers in here?

Guest Rich

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Guest Adam Singer

i produce original progressive/tribal/tech/melodic house...but also some breaks and trance, and sometimes trip hop...really depends on what i feel like doing...

currently using an oxygen 8 midi controller, reason, recycle, ableton live, logic, and sound forge+more samples/refills than I know what to do with>>>i am in a local group that is always trading sample cd's and always helping each other out with tracks...

i usually play out some original stuff for dancefloor reactionat my weekly @ vibe nightclub here in gainesville, and for the most part it goes off well--when i have a whole cd of stuff im really, really happy and is mastered well, I will push it on some names, but I won't do that until I'm sure its something that will be played and talked about :)

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Guest swirlundergrounder

I produce House and and a little Progressive house. I currently use programs such as the above person mentioned also. Especially Reason to build loops, Ableton Live 3.0 for sequencing and effects, Soundforge and T-Racks for mastering. I have a version of Logic that I really want to learn but I'm lacking somekind of plug in or a certian driver in my PC to use it. I haven't been able to figure it out but I want to dedicate more time to it. I also have a Evolution MK-361 Keyboard I use as a MIDI trigger, an E-MU XL-7 Command Station 128 voice poly synth/sequencer and a pair of Eveent TR-8 Studio Monitors as well.

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