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Classic Track From Way Back


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To think I didn't know there was a forum for Miami clubbers until now!

Anyways, I wanted to revive the Classic Track topic....and I wanna hear what you got preferrably from pre-1994, but especially the 80s.

Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express :D

(Holy shit....1977! This was like the Helen of Troy of electronic music, inspiring Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock," practically all Miami electro/bass music, breakdancing culture....you can hear Kraftwerk samples on SO many tracks...those fuckin Krauts)

Cybotron - Clear ::)

(Juan Atkins of Detroit Techno fame made this jammin' electro tune in 1985...listen to it and you'll be amazed)

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Actually, Planet Rock and Bam's subsequent projects were more to do with Arthur Baker. Arthur was the driving force behind blending Kratwerk and the underground hip hop movement of the time which in turn led to the birth of "electro" and ultimately hip hop as we know it today (for better or worse).

I got the chance to sit down with Bambaataa once and talked about this very subject. He's pretty cool and not what you'd expect (in more ways than one). On the other hand, Arthur Baker got so turned off by "rap artists" and hip hop in general, he moved to the UK and all but retired until fairly recently..

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