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I'll bet Hatch (R-Utah) uses P2P at home. It'd be quite a coup to prove such a thing from some old fart politician living in his multi-million dollar home kissing the ass of the RIAA and MPAA so he can line his pockets by using an issue that he neither cares nor knows anything about.

This is just more proof that politics and politicians are driven by greed, money, and their own self-interests. If they truly were representatives of the people, they might actually listen to their constituents, as opposed to trying to incarcerate them.

I have no problem with capitalism. I have no probelm with greed. I have a problem with greed and capitalism in public officers. Unfortunately, it seems like the whole gang couldn't give two shits about our welfare while they're making money. Even this war in Iraq, with our soldiers dying and killing Iraqis, it seems like the only people who profit are the politicians.

I haven't seen gas prices going down, so what was the point again? Freedom? Defense contracts?

This is why I don't like to read about politics in the US. ;D

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Guest endymion

From the Wired article: (that link got screwed up)

"If this bill were law, I could easily imagine suing Apple the very next day for inducing infringement for selling iPods," von Lohmann said.

Apple did go out and intentionally piss off RIAA with that "Rip. Mix. Burn." thing. Everybody was wondering back then if they were going to end up getting slapped for it.

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