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Guest Adam Singer

adam singer (hydra) - static ocean

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Guest Adam Singer

if you got a copy at Simons/O, then you have this...

hydra (adam singer) --- static ocean

chetar---cave diving (hydras extended static edit)

source of gravity---overload

kingkade---virgin maze (rhythm code remix)

james harcourt---diaspora (luke fair mix)

haris---supadrug b

oliver leib vs pink floyd---hypnotic checker (leib’s torture chamber mix)

kriece and basek---ola dub

kerbcrawler---hold tight

uberzone and rennie pilgrim---cous cous (royale mix)

sycophant slags---dubbed question

northern groove---absolute

a. matsumoto and dj yoshi---dreamer (the mfa remix)

the mfa---the difference it makes (petter’s different version)

derek howell---we’re gonna be okay

hydra---static outro

mixed live on 2 technics m3d's and one cdj1000

mastered using t-racks/sound forge...digital sampling added using ableton live

right click, choose 'save as'


special thanks to my buddy Sam Gracie for hosting this...please visit his webpage too if you plan to download the mix: www.3rdspacedesign.net

enjoy, as always let me know what you think, positive or negative, criticism only helps us all improve! thanks ;D

~adam (hydra)

[email protected]

aim: hydra927

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Guest swirlundergrounder

Haris "Supadrug"...That's one of a few records where all 4 tracks are playable....

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Guest Adam Singer

actually i have the vinyl on chris fortier's bedrock compilation, but the other mixes are tight too, you're right :)

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