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Guest phillyjunkie


Hey everyone just some simple guidelines for this site to go by as we grow.

1. We do NOT want to be like other sites that become exclusive and scare people away. Always welcome new memebers.

2. Be friendly to each other or please do not be on this board. There is sooooo much negativity and people spewing at each other on other boards. We dont want drama here!!

3. Have fun and be respectful to each other. Please do not use the board to flame each other or out do each other. Some flaming is always fun, but lets try to keep it all friendly.

This is a call to arms! Lets build the Cooljunkie Massive! I have a simple request of all of u! Please use the SEND TOPIC button on the top right hand side of this posting to send out to a couple of friends???

I figure if some of you are willing to let some friends know about the site, we are gonna double and triple in size in no time and we will have a very lively board!!!

Please also ask that all of you read the guidelines and ask your friends to do the same!!!

mmm thats all for now! Ill ad some stuff every once in a while.

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Guest phishscale215

im glad i found this site.i was online looking up perc a pops.this site came up with some 1 saying us philly guys are crazy.PILLADELPHIA is where im from.an im a proud promoter!! philly cats holla at me

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