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Guest web_norah

Mauricio Aviles Interview

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Guest web_norah

Mauricio Aviles - Let’s Get Naked In Here

When asked to think of El Salvador, many things spring to mind. Whether it is earthquakes, peace accords or sexy accents, one that definitely doesn’t is ‘forward thinking, urban soul music’. This however is what one of El Salvador’s favourite sons, Mauricio Aviles, is famous around the globe for. Born in the capitol, San Salvador, in 1969, Mauricio immigrated with his parents to San Francisco, California in 1973. Growing up in the Mission District, he was constantly surrounded by the Latin rhythms of the barrio. The people and the music of this period provided the foundation for Mauricio's involvement in the City's burgeoning dance scene and his eclectic musical influences that shine through today.

‘One thing I most certainly am is a music fan. My musical background is incredibly diverse and that’s something I have to thank my parents for. After we moved from El Salvador to the Latino Mission District, my father formed an events production company. Through these events I was exposed to a lot of different types of music at an early age such as African, Salsa, Spanish, Brazilian and various types of folkloric music from Central and South America. Along with these influences, I had the diverse sounds of San Francisco to deal with everyday. The city is a haven of musical culture and I went through several disco, rock and new wave stages. To this day I still love all those genres, and manage to work in, around and through them’, says an excited Aviles.

Mauricio’s involvement and association with the Naked Music label, has been one of terrific mutual benefit. Founded in 1999, Naked Music was established with a clear mission to release progressive and challenging urban soul music from a diverse roster of up-and-coming artists. Mauricio became involved with the project very early on and has gone into not only spearhead their incredibly successful Naked Music compilations, but work for the label as an emissary, taking their unique sounds to the world. Since then, Aviles’ and the label’s profile have skyrocketed with critics recognising that they have achieved their initial goals.

‘I think Naked Music has not only given us an opportunity to create the music that we want to hear, but also encouraged others to do the same. Since it really took off, there’s been a few jumping on the bandwagon but in all honesty we don’t mind. There’s certainly plenty of room and if people are that excited about what we do that they want to replicate it, then it’s very flattering indeed. While no doubt its very nice to be received well critically, us DJ’s will only ever really respond to what happens at our shows. If we can’t get the crowd going yet we’ve got some great reviews for our compilations, then it’s not worth it. In the end, you’re only as good as you are live, as they say’, Mauricio responds in his typical relaxed, yet thought out manner.


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