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Guest endymion

Bush stumbled famously during the debate on Kerry's suggestion that the behavior of the United States should pass the global test. His administration is actively trying to spin it so that "global test" is a bad word now. So after he recovers he launches into a tirade about the International Criminal Court.

He didn't have anything substantial to say about the ICC except that it just didn't make any sense to him why anybody would say that the US should participate. Kerry was talking about the UN with regard to Iraq but okay, we'll go there...

The big reason why Bush doesn't want to join the ICC is because he is responsible for the fact that many American soldiers in Iraq could be charged by the ICC for real war crimes that really happened and that were made possible by Bush Administration policy. Bush's Administration recently abandoned efforts to prevent American soldiers from being prosecuted by the ICC.

Bush doesn't want people to remember that news. Don't click on that link. It's too far back in the past, it never happened! French people are pussies!!

So this all relates to Bush suspending the Geneva Convention. Saying in effect that he does not feel that the actions of the United States need to pass the global test. He behaves consistently and he is plain and simple when he says on the podium when he's befuddled that he doesn't understand why. He truly just doesn't get the benefit of behaving responsibly in the world community.

Well okay, for really stupid people who like him also don't get it: the people who are getting beheaded on the Internet by militants in Iraq are all dressed in orange jumpsuits like Abu Ghraib prisoners. It's a really really really simple message, you have to be really truly stupid not to get it.

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