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Instead of Using websites such as mplay and what not, why don't we create and ftp site for our members that is up 24/7. This way those who wwant can upload new songs to it and those who are looking for music can get what they are looking for. It would be a common password and everyone could just throw what songs they have in an upload directory or download what they want from a download directory. What does everyone think??? I dont mind opting for creating this FTP site but I have a cable connection so for some people it might be slow, Substantially faster than 56K though. Reply and tell me what you all think... Thanks

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That sounds good, but who has the server space? do you have lets say 10- free gigs to spare. Also from a security point , you still deal with the same issues. There are cocksucking motherfuckers out there with Vendetas that will go in delete the songs.

Another issue is bandwidth, yes you have cable when when alot of people hit that server then your bandwidth will significantly decrease.


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