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Hot Tracks -- June 2001


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REVIEWS by the Vulture

Taken from:

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2001 Canarias - Viva Canarias 10/10 (Trance)

Review: Very hot track. Melodic, catchy and very energetic. A must for any DJ.

Atomic Alliance vs. Trance Generators - Rock to the beat

(Trance Gen remix) 10/10 (Trance)

Review: Hard ass bass. Very Sound Factory style.

Atomic Alliance vs. Trance Generators - Rock to the beat

(Atomic Alliance remix) 9/10 (Trance)

Review: Very techno influenced with the bouncin trance beat.

Bassraiders - Raveolution (club mix) 6/10 (Trance)

Review: Standard modern trance, nothing really catchy here.

DJ Combo - Rock it to the beat (Gary D mix) 9/10 (Trance)

Review: Catchy song with a bounce beat that'll keep you movin, techno influence as well.

DJ Maui - Back with Bass 10/10 (Trance)

Review: Original sounding, lots of different sound effects and a hot beat on top of it.

DJ Maui - Behind the Garden 9/10 (Trance)

Review: Another original sounding one, very atmospheric melodies

Gigi Lav meets Ben DJ - Forever Friends (Trance Gen mix)

10/10 (Trance)

Review: Lots of cool speech breaks, and an awesome dark atmospheric feel

Ian Van Dahl - Castles in the Sky (Wippenburg mix)

10/10 (Trance)

Review: Awesome new mix of Castles in the sky! Even more energetic than the Peter Luts mix. a DJ must.

Ian Van Dahl - Castles in the Sky (Club mix) 7/10 (Trance)

Review: decent mix, very standard sounding. Not as good as the Wippenburg mix.

RM - Godspeech 10/10 (Trance)

Review: Has an awesome speech break right in to an awesome energetic and melodic trance line.

Safri Duo - Samb Adagio (Club mix) 8/10 (Trance)

Review: Good song if you like the bongo song, but it sounds just like it.

Scooter Da Banshee - Posse (I need you on the floor)

9/10 (Trance)

Review: Very energetic with interesting vocals.

REVIEWS by the Vulture

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