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Guest golanova

Searching for: Philly Crew @ Ultra Music Festival 7

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Guest golanova

sup junkies from Philly

we are posting this in hopes to locate some really great crew of philly junkies that attended the Ultra Music Festival 7 on March 26th in Miami for the WMC '05

We unfortunately didn't get to exchange #'s with them

Chip .. where are you?

Parham .. thanks for being our guide in our "magical" journey!

We (Golareh + Donovann) A.K.A "GoLa & NoVa" .. would love to re-connect with this crew .. We are the LA cats that some how brought in the backpack and politely took the water from the information desk .. if this may ring a bell

If anyone recognizes us or the story or any names mentioned .. please contact us .. spread the word in Philly

In any case much love to Philly .. from LA.

P.S. Parham is Persian just like GoLa .. Chip is a tall slanky white booooooy .. "what is he not on?" .. and .. "is he lost or is he found?" .. just a quote a few

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Guest Vision

WOW. Well, me and my friends went. shit was crazy.

we were there for the whole Winter Music Conference. Stayin poolside, oceanview, 23rd floor in north miami beach. shit was dope. but i met a few cats from philly and they were ALL fucked up, so im not suprised that u say those quotes about ur boy. but uhhh, here is what im wondering. there was 60,000 people at ultra. i couldnt find nobody, so instead I chilled in a few spots the whole day. but, if ur boy has been lost since then, i dunno what to say. but that was like 2 weeks ago, u check the newspapers? better call a private investigator or something, cause that shit sounds like a mystery. Or, call the local police, they might have a drunk in the cage.

Crazy shit man. Miami is nuts, but PHILLY freakin OWNS that town. They havnt got shit our our city. Everything is too expensive anyway, and you get the shittiest service. Fuck that place, keep kickin ass philly.


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