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Rough Night...

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Saturday night at about 3:30am me and my friend decided to drive to the Tunnel from North Jersey. I checked Clubplanets reviews and it was supposed to be a hot night. We arrived at 4:30ish. People were walking out and said it was beat then the bouncer said it was closed. Now we are only 18 soo we had little options. I tried to get us into Factory, and Exit but it didn't happen. Then someone told us that Vinyl was 18 and was still open. We tried to find it but it was like 6:30 and still no luck. We then drove all the way back to the Boonys of North Jersey... Is Vinyl 18+ on saturdays? Would it have still been open? Where there any other clubs we should have tried?

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That really sucks Tommy, unfortunately shit like that happens from time to time. I'm pretty sure Vinyl is 18+ on Sats. By the way, Belladiva, you have the BEST sig I've ever seen.





Email dolik@yahoo.com to be put on the list

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