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AntiMeth Proliferation Act

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Hope everyone is following the AntiMeth Proliferation Act... If you're not sure what it is, follow the links I have included. Now is the time to stop bitching about how unfair it is and start doing something. The bill has already passed the Senate, next is the house. The presidents supports this bill and will not veto. I have faxed both my senators and my congressmen, look yours up, see how they have voted.

"No one more sincerely wishes the spread of information among mankind that I do, and none has greater confidence in its effect towards supporting free and good government." Thomas Jefferson to Hugh L. White, 1810. ME 12:387

For good discussion, PLEASE VISIT:


Please EXPRESS our DISGUST, THE LIVES THAT COULD BE LOST B/C it would be illegal to tell people (via print, internet, ect.) not to mix DXM and MDMA, to drink water, the dangers of overheating, ETC, ETC.





THis is a FLAGRANT violation of our 1st Amendment rights, and it's already PASSED THE SENATE.

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Guest crystalmethodny

What what what!!?!?!

Anti Method act?!? What did I do????? I'm sorry!!!


"We're going to build things up slowly... are you with me? Here we go."

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