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good combinations?

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I just wondering if anyone here ever tried E with shrooms. I heard they go really well together. I also heard 2-cb is good with E too but I can never find it. Well, give me your feedback if u tried it. Thx

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Hippy flipping (E and Shrooms together) can be good or bad, depending upon how intense you like your ride.

I had some TnT's last night, and they were a great roll, so I wasn't going to join in the hippy flip that my "roll crew" were planning. Well, 10am rolled around (no pun intended) and I was still ripping ready to go. So, I went flipping with them and had a BLAST.

I'll warn you, though, it could be pretty scary if you don't deal well with intense visuals and such. The combination of trailers that the E gives, together with the hallucinagenic effects of the shrooms can make life pretty drastic. For instance, I was sitting there watching a friend of mine play with some sticks. She was sticking right in front of my face, and went from a rapid twirl to a really slow, fluid movement. When she did that, it looked like her arms were dripping...

Yup, that was strange.

Altogether, it was definatly a good ride. I'm kinda new to the "E culture" still, so I'm prolly not the best source, but this is just what one newbie experienced.

Either way, make sure you're with good friends, and have some that aren't fucked up. Always be safe, and live to roll another night.



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