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more bad press...

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what the fuck,I've been taking X since the 80's.why don't the media leave it alone already and cover more important issues like crime,corrupt nypd,etc....................



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I think that I said once before here that the reason that the media have been attracted to this particular drug is the prevalence amongst young people, read 'children'. In news, children = ratings and interest.

Illegal drungs, considering the bust in LA, and the recent bust in NJ where one suspect hanged himself, have had a small focus put onto E, again.

The focus will move on, as it always has and always will.

This drug seems to be easy pickings for the DEA/Police due to the relative unsophistication of the dealer/buyer interface and the typical user and user location versus, say crack. Easier for a probie cop to fit into the club scene to make undercover buys versus out on the street scoring crack.

Just my $.02



Corporate Tool

North Jersey

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