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How Long do YOU Roll For?

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Not to make you jealous or anything... I've only dropped maybe 6 or 7 times... and when i drop... i roll for abour 8 hours... my friends who have been doing this for a while now are so jealous of me... haa haa... That's why I need to get into the club ASAP so that I can be rdy to basically leave at around 7...

Also... my friend's gonna hook me up with something called a "MONSTER PILL" it's a HUGE sucker...Anyone know anything about this.. I'm ASSUMING that my roll's only gonna go on for a longer time... but i don't know if i WANT that... it's long enough as it is... also is it a speedy or a dopey? Thanx... your help would be much appreciated...


If YoU'Re GoNNa PaRtY With Me... BeSt Be PrePaReD...

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