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ATTN: Sir Penis (aka Mr.Dick)


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Dear Sir Penis,

I am the new student at the academy of "EAT MY PUSSY". I was refered to you by faculty and students. We all know that you are very eloquent when you speak of the great act of love = monkey sex. And even greater at performing it. Would you please be so kind to as direct the misguided orchid on the right path of how to properly eat pussy. Thank you in advance.

Much sex, Orchid.



"Luna, thank you so much!"

[This message has been edited by orchid21 (edited 02-15-2001).]

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You rock. I'm no expert. Hell, I'm not even very experienced. But I have the one key ingredient - I love it. I don't think that girls are utltimately any better at eating pussy than guys but they do get a head start hehe

I'm super busybso I can't really go into detail but the key is be enthusuiastic andlet them know it. Ask questions, take your time and get all giddy when they squirt all over you smile.gif

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