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what happend?


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ive been seeing this guy for about 3 months.. but we like wernt going out or anything. and like every time i saw him, we hooked up. wich i guess was to both of our advantages, well anyways, recently ive been having alot of problems, and he wanted to hear them, like i didnt even tell him everything, and like he kept telling me he was going to be there for me to help me out, and i kept reminding him he didnt have to yadda yadda, but he kept saying, well i want to blah blah blah. well, he dissapeared for about 3 weeks, and like he poped up out of nowhere one night, and he came to see me, and we hooked up as usual. and he went home later, and we talked w/e. then two days ago, he was online and he imed me and was like, i want to spend some time with you, im so sorry i havent had time for you yadda yadda, so i was like , well ok, maybe he does want to be there for me and he really does care. so i called him the next day when i got home as we had planned, and the plan was we would spend the day together or w/e. and he was at his friend nicoles house. so like 10 min. later, hes at my house, and we leave to the park. and i wouldnt let him kiss me, and he was like whats wrong? and i waslike nothing, i just dont want to. so he kept like trying to do other things also. and i was like no, so he backed off, and we talked. so like 10 min later. i said, lets go, and we went back to my house and stood outside for like 30 min just talking and hugging w/e, and he had to go to class so when he had to go, i was like no no please dont go yadda yadda, and he had to go so he left, and b4 he left, he promised me he would call me.. so like 9:30, i see him online, and im like why didnt he call me? so i got offline, and i was gonna call him but i didnt. i got back online and he had written me a letter saying basically, i dont want to be another problem in your life, im really sorry, i dont have time for a relationship, i only have time to think about myself. and thats where it was left at.

does that mean he just wants to stay friends? or he doesnt want to talk to me, wants nothing to do with me? how should i respond to something like this?? im so confused.


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gerlll... he wants someone to get down with, when it is good for him

you shouldnt even let this bother you.. You dont want someone like that as your partner.

You need to have someone who is there for you emotionally as well as sexually..

.. Dont stress him.. He is not worth it,, obviously..

but yano what.. its better that he tells you straight up.. Im not totally beating the guy up.. BUT.. realize.. wut he said is true.. He is worried about HIM right now..

atleast he admits that much..

let him worry about HIM.. dont stress him gerl.. 4 real.. =P

talk to your CP friendz -=)

were here for yew gerl .. <3


"ouT 4 doL"


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