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new lunatik live DJ mix : Miami 2007 : tekno.minim

Guest lunatik

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Guest lunatik

Its that time of year again, and this mix is a reflection of the transition between winter and spring. Songs of inspiration and perspiration, elation and relation. Minimal sketches mixed with synthesized textures, blended and mended.

kontakt : www.myspace.com/lunatikwreckless


part one :


part two:



pantha du prince - eisbaden - dial

it - women in toilet (stefan goldmann macro version) - electrochoc

minilogue - the leopard (extrawelt remix) - traum

hug - tiny stars - kompakt

steve bug - wet - poker flat

move d - anne will (vincenzo remix) - liebe detail

melchoir productions ltd - the phantom - perlon

luciano - keridos - cadenza

kahlwild - las velas rmx(daze maxim) - platzhirsch

mario kober - im doppelpack - googoo

benelli - brooklyn there she was - hometown music

jack rock - morning electric - wir

agaric - we are 8 - we are

from karaoke to stardom - konkrete konquest - apnea

hannes teichmann - jager07(sascha funkes klungel remix) - festplatten

hot chip - no fit state(audion remix)

motorcity soul - state of mind - lofi stereo

martin buttrich - full clip - planet e

sascha funke - auf aix - bpitch control

audio werner - flatfunk - circus

s elezi - microwave - luxa flex

sian - dusk(sweet n candy rmx) - einmaleins

johan fotmeijer - mystikkal - aesthetik

florian meindl - chase the robot - trapez

tractile - stay out - m_nus

sami koivikko - paajaasa - spectral sound

hakan lidbo - call for islam - shitkatapult

thomas schumacher - is not - spielzeug

ds - one force - overdrive

maetrik - sexus - regular

luca & paul - luce - boxer sport

heckmann_kauffelt - espectaculo - afultd

-phil kieran - skyhook - novamute

eyerer & atto - supersnack - trapez ltd

marc romboy vs stephan bodzin - puck

misc - camera obscure - cereal killers

kaliber -kaliber 10 - kaliber

daniel offermann - arabian pleasures - just

sascha klober - dancing light - funkwelle

smith + selway - lightning strike

martin buttrich - well done - four twenty

and in case you missed any of my recent mixes, here are the links:

cliktrak :

one - 1:19:19


two: - 1:39:33


three - 1:42:48


Amend : http://www.unite-productions.com/lunatik-amend.mp3

Resonance pt2 : http://www.unite-productions.com/lunatik-resonancepart2.mp3

Resonance pt1 : http://www.unite-productions.com/lunatik-resonance-part1.mp3

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Guest lunatik

thanks for listening , and :

attention : these mixes are back up, my server crashed for awhile, but miami 07 and cliktrak links are back up for download! Sorry about the outage, enjoy the tunes!

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Guest phillydred

ME LIKEY!!!!!!! PT2 is the shiznit!!!!!

nice blends.....nice levels.....recording is good man! good job!!!!

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