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Farley, Silk, Pierre, CZR, Bad Boy Bill...need more?

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Guest Dj_Peace

Finally the wait is over. 31 brand new exclusive tracks from the creators of Chicago's house sound. This 2 CD set also has a dvd that you can order that gets you up close and personal with all of the legends and some up and coming talents as well. You can order it online at snschicago.com and if you put my name in the 2nd Address field, your order will be processed the same day and shipped out.

check this out:

S&S Records is proud to announce the release of the industry acclaimed "Dance Album of Our Time".


FEATURES GRAMMY® WINNERS, NOMINEES ALONG WITH HOUSE MUSIC PIONEERS. This is a 'must have' for collectors of House and all dance music enthusiasts.

Chicago-based S&S Records have brought together the legends of House Music to commemorate two decades of the genre embraced and sampled the world over. The Chicago LP is a two-disc, two-DVD anthology featuring original music from GRAMMY-winning and nominated producers, remixers, artists and DJ's. It's a musical journey and history of all music Chicago, featuring the city's finest; while the companion DVD chronicles the personal lives of those making House Music. For additional product information and to order visit http://www.snschicago.com/3buys.html

Final Track listings for both CD's...... To Hear Snippets Please Visit


CD Disk 1

1. Ricky Bradshaw Feat. Shawn Christopher -- "Never Knew Love (Classic Mix)"

2. Steve 'Silk' Hurley Feat. DANNiE-- "Takin' Me High (Alright)"

3. Jesse Saunders -- "Whats This Fx"

4 Ricky Bradshaw Feat. Shawn Christopher -- "Touched By Your Love"

5. Roy Davis Jr. Feat. Terry Dexter -- "Magic"

6. Mr. K-Alexi feat. B. Laurén -- "I Got Lovin'"

7. DJ Rhythm Feat. Missy Hernandez -- "You're The One"

8. Marshall Jefferson & Steve "Silk" Hurley feat. B. Laurén -- "Just A Feelin' (That I Get)"

9. Terry Hunter Feat. Amanda Shane -- "Superstar"

10. Bad Boy Bill Feat. Kevin Irving -- "All Night With You"

11. CZR Feat. Delano -- "How I Feel"

12. Maurice Joshua Feat. Jean Davis-- "So Amazing" (Remix)

13. Syleena Johnson-- "Peace Pipe"

14. DJ Skip -- "The Hustle of Life"

15. E-Smoove Feat. LaTanza -- "Miracle"

16. Joe Smooth -- "Keep On Praisin'"

CD Disk 2

1. Fast Eddie & Silk -- "Chicago House Scene (Freaky Mix)"

2. Malik Yusef Feat Common, Kanye West & JV -- "Wouldn't You Like To Ride (S&S Remixes): Silk & Skip's Ride To The House Remix"

3. George Jackson Feat. Xaviera Gold -- "Another Day"

4. Steve 'Silk' Hurley Feat. Javanté -- "Classic"

5. Voices of Life Feat. Sharon Pass-- "Runnin' Away"

6. Underground Elements Present Stacy Kidd Feat. Joi Williams -- "Yesterday (H&H Soul Survivors Mix)"

7. Ron Carroll & Trina Tru-Luv -- "Do Me Baby"

8. DJ Kelly G. feat. Jasmin Ray -- "South Africa"

9. Hyper Harp & DJ Skip Feat. Ava Cherry -- "Please Believe"

10. Mr. K-Alexi -- "Beautiful Chi-Biza"

11. Paul Johnson -- "After The Storm"

12. Gene Hunt Feat. Tina Appleberry & Lafayette Parker -- "Get Down"

13. Jamie Principle -- "Baby Wants To Ride (Original 1984 Demo)"

14. DJ Slugo Feat. Fast Eddie -- "Juke It"

15. Mike Dunn Presents The MD X-SPRESS -- "I Wanna Go Down"

16. Rafael "Lego" Rodriguez -- "Sax Addict"

17. DJ Pierre -- "SirenTraxx"

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