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Chuck Acquisto: Going Home (My BF's Summer Mix)


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This mix is a diary of one’s journey from a place of loneliness and introspection to a place of light and release. This “journey†is a story told by a DJ. Starting with a deep, haunting, ethereal vibe, the mix works it’s way toward an opening and understanding, and when the message arrives it's hammered down with bright, vocal – laden, teched-out floor burners. Following the energizing upheaval is an unexpected but well-transitioned cacophony of epic breakbeats, and driving them home is an uplifting, powerful sound akin to that which one may hear during the final song of a sunrise set.

The mix, truly cross-genre, includes original studio productions and re edits by yours truly, a couple of surprise re-envisionings of classic choons, and well respected artist offerings from the likes of Underworld, Spooky, Eddie Thoneick, and Trentemoller, to name a few.

This project is a coming home of sorts, going back to my roots with my love for various styles shining through. For years I pigeonholed myself into playing one style or another, wanting to be a “progressive house†or whatever DJ. Well, I’ve gone back to the beginning and started playing all the stuff that I’d want to hear on the dance floor, regardless of the genre or even age. A DJ’s job is, after all, to make people dance. The days of playing for my peers are over. I’m playing for my fans, the dancers. Enjoy my end of summer offering.

Love and Light: Chuck Acquisto

Below are three links to 128kb 65mb MP3's. They are all the same file, but in different locations for more DL capability. Any feedback is welcome.

Download Mix


Download Mix




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