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Woot! New Release!

Guest coach

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Guest coach

Soooo... been busting ass for the past few weeks on a new release. All new stuff from Latimore. I know some of you guys know who he is. He sounds great and I'm pretty excited. Our own Saintjohn did the cover photo and yours truly did the layout (with plenty of interference from the bosses).

So, anyway, check it out:


It's not even back from the manufacturer, but you can check out samples here. If you don't know Latimore, check out this short bio. If you're really interested, check out the Allmusic entry for him.

Anyway, just wanted to share! If we sell a million, drinks are on me!

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Guest Dj_Peace

Let's straghten it out coach...a woman's gotta have it curently on my Summer Grooves: Backyard BBQ compilation i put together strictly for when the gril is hot and the ladies are even hotter...glad to hear he is recording again...(most people probably did not catch the previous song references ;D)

btw-fave track on this new release Honeymoon -digging others on here as well

yup, ol' skool ;D 8)

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Guest coach

Thanks, Peace! I'll try to unlimber a copy for you when the shipment comes in. Hopefully you can find a good time to drop some tracks.

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