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Twenty one year old Tom Morgan has been immersed in music ever since he can remember. From an early age he was influenced by a broad spectrum of music, which would help to form the forward-thinking, diverse sound he employs now. After buying his first set of decks as the age of fourteen, he surrounded himself completely with dance music, taking the inevitable step from clubbing to DJing and onwards. Being a part of the scene from such an early age allows him to DJ from a clubber's perspective, forming sets dedicated to his particular audience and granting him the knowledge of exactly what a crowd is looking for.

His influences traverse the length of house music, from Danny Howells and Ralph Lawson to Francois Kevorkian and Danny Tenaglia. Playing a funk fuelled mix of disco, deep, tech and progressive house, he is as happy warming up as banging it out towards the end of the night. He constantly strives to give his sets a personal touch; editing tracks so they sound exactly as he wants them to and using acappellas to make his music stand out. Tom's talent has not gone unnoticed, earning praise from some of the industry's biggest names. Desyn Masiello tipped him as 'a DJ who'll break through in 2006' in a DJ Mag poll.

His ear for a tune was recognised further as Desyn employed him in an A&R capacity for his prestigious Alternative Route label. The job entails using his network of contacts to unearth the best house music around, giving him access to a huge number of tracks and ensuring that practically his every waking minute is spent listening to music.

Following on from this, 2006 saw Tom play all over the globe; in a host of South American countries (Mexico, Argentina and Brazil) as well as all over Europe (Bulgaria, Norway, Italy, Scotland and England), both headlining and sharing the booth with DJs like Nick Warren, Jimmy Van M, Omid 16B, Jody Wisternoff, Spirit Catcher, Ricky Ryan, Hernan Cerbello, balErik, Nick DK and Gabriel Sordo. As well as this, he spent some time in the studio, collaborating on tracks with Somnus Corp and Phunktastike.

2007 sees the launch of his digital label, Discoteca Music, alongside Dana Bergquist, Erik Molthe and Somnus Corp. It's focus is on delivering high quality music aimed at the dancefloor, while giving talented up-and-coming producers a platform to showcase their sound.


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