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Dissident 002 OUT NOW, Cerf and Mitiska with Sanger remix!


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The second release from Noel Sanger's Dissident Music imprint comes from Matt Cerf and Shawn Mitiska, operating this time under their new Flux Capacitor alias.

Matt and Shawn (along with vocalist Jaren) have had an amazing 2007, with releases on Baroque, Curvve, Armada, Alter Ego, Somatic Sense, S2, and more, with repeated assaults on the Dutch and UK dance charts, and support from every A-list DJ you can name.

Their Dissident debut brings a perfect close to a great year for the duo with catchy melodies, bouncy beats and a futuristic yet reminiscent 1980's vibe.

On the remixes, label-head Noel Sanger follows up his acclaimed "Natural Perfection" release (Dissident 001) with another winner, this time going for a more peak time, progressive electro-trance workout with clever edits, lots of drive and all the melodic content of the original.

Remixes are forthcoming from Bart Van Wissen and Interplay (Johan Vermeulen).


Selected thoughts from selected thinkers:

Sander Kleinenberg- "nice work from noel "

Miika Kuisma, Subtraxx/Danceteria Finland- "Sounds like a Monster to me!"

Andy Moor- "really like this"

Markus Schulz, GDJB- "Always supporting Noel. Good stuff."

Matt Darey, Nocturnal Radio- " Really funky stuff, loving it "

Kenneth Thomas, Perfecto Records- "9/10. Noel Sanger is coming out swingin with his new label. Noels remixes on this package are nice and big room, but the groovier feel of the Original is the one for me! ACE on this!"

D:Fuse, XM80 The Move, Lost Angeles Recordings- "both Sanger Mixes, good energy and production!"

Matt Rowan, Australia- "Great tune from Shawn and Matt and follows their other strong releases of late. Well done."

Mike Shiver, Captured Music "Strong package with all mixes being very well produced and musically its a gem! Love it - will support all the mixes!"

Harry Lemon aka Lemon 8, Bandung, Armada, Friskyradio- "Usual Noel Sanger quality. Love this:-)"

Brisker and Magitman, Baroque/AVA- " As always from Noel awesome mixes. The original is also realy good ."

Shawn Mitiska, Armada, Beatport, Baroque, Curvve- "Wicked release, all 3 mixes are stellar."

Retrobyte, Organized Nature, Baroque, Armada- "The original is fantastic in its own right as a fresh slice of progressive electro funk - the Noel Sanger mix delivers the most for me and has already become a staple in my sets. Fantastic track! This one is going to take the underground by storm."

Fred Numf, Black Hole- "Great remix by one of my fav producers Noel, main hour tune."

Taucher, Adult Music- " the original comes with a talking bassline and positive sounds to your ears, the perfect filtered vocals remind me of halcyon from orbital 20 years ago- well done! The noel sanger mix is a little more pumping with a shorted bassline and really kicks the crowd in the ass in the best progtrance way, perfect dance music"

Dennis Sheperd, MPFS Records- "Loving all mixes... It's a great release... Loving the melodies... Nice feeling! Will be in my next Beatport top10 charts!"

Deepsky-"Cool release, can see playing both the dub and original at very different times, making it well-rounded. Love the vocal adlibs. Gives the tune more organic accessibility without any cheesy lyrics! Nice."

Chris Cargo, Ireland- " Love the noel sanger dub, great stuff!"

Paranoid Jack, Thrust Recordings- "Really great vibe... I can see this tune as my closer for every set for the next while."

Derek Howell, GU/Groove Collection/Hope/Proton- "Nice groove on this one. Great to get things going with as well as solid production."

Danny Tuval, Mental Tel-Aviv- "9.5/10, def will play chart f@#%ing a!"

Vinny Troia, Curvve Recordings- "10/10. Holy Sh*t! Nice job!"

Ivan Pica, Bilingual Recordings- "very nice sound...its moves me to the 80´s...i love it!!!"

Stephan Grondin, Montreal: Stereo - Parking - Unity, Toronto: Fly, New York : Work @ Stereo - "great track! love all mixes.. will play for sure! "

Hans Temmerman/The Mystic Force, : www.rotationz.be - Topradio, Outsoon Mag, Go Mag Holland- "sick tune! Wicked bassline & fat melody, sounds quite impressive."

Christopher Lawrence- "Not my sound, but Noel Sanger Dub sounds good."

John C, Electric Candy, Joof- "Excellent Progressive/Electro crossover tune. The Dub Mix is the big winner for me with its massive massive bassline."

Brian Blurr, V2 Events, Mechanized Records- " The original is amazing, but Noel's main mix is the one ill be dropping. Its huge and uplifting,the vocal is outstanding, and i think everyone will love it."

Deko-ze, Canada- "LOVING THIS!!!"

Damon G, Canada- "Noel Sanger Remix!!!!! Noel has such a unique sound; this will be going in the bag tonight."

Darin Epsilon, Chicago USA- "Another killer package from Dissident. The label is off to a blazing start. The original is nice and well structured with a nice theme going on. Noel's remixes top the original and prove just how formidable of a producer he can be. Strong melody and harmony with a whirlwind of effects. Love it, will be in my top 5 for sure."

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