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dating a friend?


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hey guys, i dont post much here on cp, but i figured since so many of u seem to have some good advice for each other i wanted to get ur opinions on something.

so heres my situation: ive been seeing this one guy i met away at school and he lives in the city, so hes close by. we both said that we werent looking for a serious thing rite b4 the summer, but things just started going well with us. but now hes away for a month and we kinda left things alone and didnt talk about it, other than him asking me if he thinks its possible to hook up with people while hes away when he really wants to be with me, and i was like, yea, thats possible.

in the meantime, theres been stuff happening with my best friend too... like, we've always been really close, but things have been different ever since he told me he wants to be more than friends. and i can really see myself with him on a long-term basis too, but im just worried that its gonna be hard to deal with right now, especially with us both going back to school in the fall. by the way, he doesnt know about the other guy. i really dont wanna hurt anyone, but i dont wanna lose my best friend either. i really do love him, i just dont know if im ready to be with him rite now.

has any1 here ever dated a close friend? and if i explain to him how i dont know if im ready for this, how do u think he'll take it? also, should i mention anything about the other guy from school? cwm36.gif

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If he's really your best friend, he'll be there for you in the future anyways. But whatever, from my experiences I've learned never to date a best friend, unless you know for sure that you'll never break up with him, because you will lose your best friend, for no other reason than getting a piece of ass for the summer, and that doesn't seem like it's worth it. I've lost best friends for these reasons and it's just not worth it.

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good advice given above. if he is truely your bf, leave it alone.... having someone that you can call your best friend and mean it, is a wonderful thing. few people come into our lives and remain friends forever. when you finish school and can be together more and if you feel the same way, i would say go for it than.


Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.

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hey guys, thanx for the advice... well heres what happened... i was hangin out with him last nite and he asked me what i thought about it at the end of the nite. so i just said that i have unfinished stuff with someone and i think we should hold off on this for now. he was like, no problem, ill b here waitin. and thats it for now. so i guess ill just wait n see how things work out. cwm38.gif

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