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Nick Warren @ Crobar


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just wanted to say be petty and jealous on this board b/c you guys have nick warren tomomrrow


lucky bastards

could someone be so kind as to post a review on the new york board for the likes of myself on a few other big fans? it would be greatly appreciated

thanks smile.gif



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-Soren Kierkegaard


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Nick Warren& Jody frm Way Out West.

I had to say that when i first got there the music was off. Jody was on, and he was playing some weird trance(not my type)

It was Jodys b-day so he was drinking like a fish in the dj booth, every time i saw him he was chuggin a beer. At around 2 pm he got really really good. I mean the place was crazy. Then the promotors brought him huge b-day cake to the booth and everyone sang happy b-day.

Nick Warren came on @2:15. Hes not really my type, but he was good. He had the place going, for a while but there was not much energy in the crowd.

He was good but nothing special, i had much better time @ Crobar on Sat.

Btw, he wasnt at crobar, and the club he played at sucks dick comparing to Crobar. It a basement, and the bars take a lot of dancing space.

If you want to know anyting else, let me know


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