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ughhhhh! whyyyyy????? what are they going to do w/ us 20 yr old young farts? I suppose all are happy now b/c it'll probably be cheaper being at RednoFive and now you won't run into those damn kiddies anymore. I'm on the phone w/ Ticketmaster right now, should I get the refund or try my fake ID on the RednoFive peeps?

It's like they knew I was hella excited about this event. i'm not upset, i'm not upset, i'm not upset, i'm not upset . . .

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I'm sorry, no one has to read this, I just need to vent. I got off the phone w/ Ticketmaster after being on hold for like 20 minutes (this is long distance too!). Motherfuckers have no fuckin clue what is going on. Transfered me to 3 different peeople.

cwm14.gif Why can't I just go worship in peace? I adore this Man and his talent. I love how he fucks w/ the EQ, I love his obscure techno selections, I was even going to try to bring him this obscure Japanese LP for him to listen to. cwm45.gif

Now I'm pissed. . .

What do I do? Even if my fake were to pass off, the friend I was going to bring w/ me doesn't have one. What to do? What to do?

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I can generally talk my way in or out of anything, you will be fine.

I am sure you can stay with somebody that lives downtown. Your welcome to my sofa.

We will get you in, no problem.


I want to go out blazing..not fade away.

Trust in the currency of relationships, it's hard to earn but easy to loose - back2basics


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