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In order for Steve to join a fraternity, he has to walk into a liquor store naked and buy a bag of chips and a can of coke. Steve waits until the store is empty and then quickly runs in to buy the items. Just as he's about to walk out of the store, 3 hot blondes are walking into the liquor store. They scream with joy when they see Steve, cause they think they've seen a new kind of vending machine. The first blonde pops in a quarter in Steve's mouth, yanks on his dick and *ding* steve hands over a bag of chips. The second girl pops in a quarter, yanks on his dick and *ding* she gets the can of coke. The third blonde pops in a quarter and yanks on his dick and nothing happens, cause Steve has nothing left to offer. She yanks again, yanks and yanks and finally she yells out, "Cool, hand lotion!!"

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