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LL fetish party info


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hello all...i have had a few people ask so i decided to re post the info and add a little...

the party is called ZEN WARP. the entrance is on 20th st. you must be in all black or some sort of costume or fetish gear to get in. if you go to the house party and try to get in to the fetish party you will be denied-but you can go down to the house party when you have entered the fetish party and still come back. this is to sort out people with closed minds or icky guys who will try to touch women who have not invited such...like last week i went in a thong and black liquid latex (a little extreme-you all dont have to be so out there-i enjoy it) and i was comfortable because i knew at the fetish party no one was going to harass me. there is always some sort of show-a master or mistress and his/her submissive. spanking or bondage or flogging or all of the above. velocity child usually does a show involving knives and fake blood. master steelo usually has a few submissives on stage and performs rope bondage and whipping (flogging-a flogger is a whip with many tails and does not usualy hurt bad and often feels good when done propper) my girl syren is an amazing domina who also does shows with master steelo. all sorts of people come but it is mostly younger people. there is a lot of trans gendered kissing among myself and friends. there are some of the most creative and outright awesome costumes to see and the atmosphere is friendly. coversation is easily made. for all of you on this list-you are more than welcome to come with me to this party. i will introduce you to my friends and answer questions.

the music is usually gothic industrial with a hard house techno edge but honestly in stillettoes and latex-i dont dance much. not my thing anyway...i like house best. notforkids has been coming weekly to witness my debauchery and often participate. its a good fucking time.

this week i dont think i am going because of a halloween party at my friends place in BK but i will know for sure on thursday and will post it. any girls who know for sure they want to come can be put on master steelos list by me. sorry guys but you know how it is. i think its 10 or 15 to get in and i usually go around one or two...any more questions? feel free to let your replys fly-i would love to hear what yall think.


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