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Its Not Right But Its Ok(RockStar 69 Mix)

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Time to move this board to another level.......

It seems like the vocals havent been getting any love on this board.....

Well I got love for them and I got alot of love for this mix of "its not right but its ok"

Not sure how old it is, but I think its new. Sounds way diff than any version I have heard. In fact, its the best mix that I have heard of this song.......

Very uplifting and very nice!:D :D

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Originally posted by bigbigraves

Take away Whitney Houston's voice and u have this:

Airscape- L'Esperanza...well at least most of it...

yo who are you? all u do is reply to MY posts! Now get off my thread...........Yo, August 24, I better see ur ass at Exit...thats when I am gonna go and I expect to see u there........

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Mr. Avalondon3...you would not have made this thread if it werent for me...am i right??? Why do u keep following me around all over the internet...this is becoming way too much... Yo thanks for gladiator, pressure, and lets bounce...those beats are OFF THE HOOK!!! Meet me at exit and i will have a clean cd copy of diamonds ready for u...PEACE~!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

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