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Coming to London (soon)

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I'm going to LSE for my junior year in October and had a few questions about the amazing London nightlife, which I have heard so much about:

1) I'm a big hard house and progressive house fan and was wondering if there are clubs that spin only this or have nights with good house DJs? I am aware that trance and its derivatives are very popular over there, with DJs like Digweed and the rest of our (now defunct) Twilo crew.

2) How much does it cost for cover, both on the weekends and during the week?

3) Do most clubs have strict trendy dress codes? By trendy, I mean nice clothes (Banana Republic, Armani, etc.) and shoes and whatnot.

4) How expensive are drinks in clubs and other more illicit party favors?

That's it for now.

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some replies of yr questions....:

1. if you like hard house, you will be thrilled about the wicked nights there..! really!!! watch out for 'Frantic' evetns... or 'nukleuz' (hard house lable).. there you'll find the dates and venues.. (www.nukleuz.co.uk)

// ohterwise check out the 'Time Out' magazine and the 'ministry-magazine' - there are loads of advises for unforgettable clubber-nights!!

3. dress-codes... it depends of the club.. but hard house events and stuff like this.. forget any dress-code...

so enjoy yr stage and all this wicked wicked parties.....

cheers - stef


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