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Top 10 Hard Traxs....


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whats everyones top 10 hard hits??

in no specific order heres mine....

1. DJ Dero - Discoeuforia (rollercoaster remix)

2. Ballarina and Bmi - Smile (a1 broad smile mix)

3. Balloon - Technorocker (its old but still sick)

4. Daniele Mondello - Assassin

5. DJ Guis - De Generation

6. DJ Yoeri - Fuck on Cocaine

7. Oliver Lieb - a1 Schon Schleudern

8. Ricky Le Roy - Dancer (blond remix)

9. VS - Electro Club

10. Bulldozer Project - Something Special (another old one but still sick)


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1. Adrenaline Mad myles

2. Adrenaline Mad myles

3. Adrenaline Mad myles

4. Adrenaline Mad myles

5. Adrenaline Mad myles

6. Adrenaline Mad myles

7. Adrenaline Mad myles

8. Adrenaline Mad myles

9. Adrenaline Mad myles

10.Adrenaline Mad myles

sorry i know it's old now and a little simple but i am still feelin' this hard track the most.....siiiicccckk.:mad:

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1. Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene

2. DJ Dero - Discoeuphoria 2001 (rollercoaster rmx)

3. Da Boy Tommy - Kol Nedra (old but siiick)

4. DJ MacuGuyver - Age of Machines

5. Elastica - The Test

6. Daniele Mondello - Barracuda

7. Avancada - Jump Pump Break (warp brothers terror horns rmx) [ another oldie but its good]

8. Polar Lander - Polar Lander (hennes and cold rmx)

9. Safri Duo - Samb Adagio (cosmic gate rmx)

10. Daniele Mondello - Assassin

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Banging Hard Housers::: warning..at high volumes, certain tracks may cause head to explode!!! Don't say I didn't warn you...

1. DJ Gizzy& The Hooch - Slaves

2. Da Boy Tommy - Little Dicks 2001

3. 4 Navigators - Ketamine

4. Catscan - Rotten

5. Cherrymoon Trax - Needle Damage

6. The Beholder - Frequency Attack

7. Lomp & Z - Lomp Z

8. Elastica - The Test

9. Gaz - Acid Kills Your Brain

10. DJ Tomcraft - Prozac [Tony H Mix]

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Some shit is old ... No order....

Daniel Mondello- Assassin , Barrucuda

Don Diablo- Take off

Kayma Painters- Wasteland

Powell- I am ready

Sergeant Pepper- CHARGE

Aaron Carl- Dance Naked

Armani and Ghost- Hard one

Dj Sabu- Follow the Lights

Dj Yeori-Fuck on Cocaine ( Josh Collins Mix)

Josh Collins- Bad Pills ( Wonder Boys Mix)

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